Saturday, June 13, 2015

Work in Progress...

Hello my dear friends, summer has arrived and it is soooo hot and humid here lately!!!! I'm sweating like non-stop and ice-cream is my new best friend right now!!!! The upside of this hot weather is that it is making the Golden Shower Tree is blooming like crazy, and it sure is a beautiful sight!

Nevertheless, the hot weather did not stop me from keeping busy with projects. I have been working on several projects right now, and one is a cover for my sewing machine to keep all the dust out when I am not using it. 

When I told my quilting mentor Sophia that I would like to make a sewing machine cover, I thought it would just be putting together three pieces and it would be simple and quick!! But being the creative  Sophia as she is, of course she designed something that is super awesome and that I could learn new techniques from!! 

So we are using the concept of a crazy quilt to make this cover!! I have to say this is super fun, starting from choosing the colors right down to sewing them piece by piece together!!! Right now I am done with the piecing part of the project, and have to hand quilt it before assembling them together~

Doesn't this bloom resembles the roses that were on my balcony?! The real ones were gone already, but this beauty will be blooming always on my sewing machine cover~ I love it already and can't wait for it to be finished!!

Have a wonderful weekend!!!!


  1. Oh such fun! I like the fabric choices you have made. :)
    Keep cool!

  2. Thanks Vickie~~~
    This is indeed a very fun project!!!!!

  3. Very fun cover, Theresa! I love it. The rose is pretty. :)


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