Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Learning Something New & Merry Christmas!!

Time really flies!!! I can’t believe I totally skipped November and now we are at the end of December…. Thought I better check in before the year ends~

This was back in November, but I learned how to machine appliqué!!! It was not as difficult as I thought, as long as you find a suitable pattern, all you need to do is follow the edge. Of course I still slipped here and there and it was not perfect, but I think it is pretty good for a first try!!

2014-12-24 13.22.04

I also learned hot to do a insert zipper pocket. Had a lot of assistance completing this, though. I hope I will remember how to repeat this one in the future….

2014-12-24 13.19.54

Saw this tree at the train station the other day~ May all of you have a wonderful holiday season.

2014-12-16 17.05.30

Merry Christmas!!

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Taking on the Machine!!

Now that I am done with the front…

2014-10-14 15.38.50

It is time to take on the machine!!!! This is my first time machine quilting, although it is only straight lines, I find that sewing straight is not that easy, especially with all those curved lines playing with my mind~ Let’s just say my work is going to be very “organic”… ^^

2014-10-14 16.40.36

Happy weekend!!!

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Learning Something New

I’ve never taken an official sewing class before. All the quilting and sewing tricks I know so far, is either from self-learning or learning from friends. By chance, I stumble over a bag making class, and I’m so happy that I’ve taken the opportunity!!!


This bag took the idea of a log cabin quilt, and transforms it into a handy bag. Today, I learned how to let go. There’s no pattern, no rulers, just trust your gut and cut – and I love it!! This is soooo liberating~


This  is only a start. There is more to come, and I can’t wait!!

IMG_5429 copy

Monday, September 1, 2014


Is it already September?! Where did my summer go??? For some reason,this summer has been a very busy one, and I did not have much time to do any stitching or quilting, so a simple project like my baby quilt took forever to complete.

I finally managed to pull it out again the past few days as things starting to slow down, and noticed when I was sewing the pieces together using my sewing machine, threads starting to bunch up and was giving me a hard time. I said to myself I will take it in for service once I sew all the pieces together. But just as I was on my last stretch, my needle snapped!!! I took a good look at my machine, and noticed that the needle was touching the bottom of the hook race area….I doubled checked and was sure I did pushed my needle all the way up to the stop pin, so I have no idea why this is happening…. Well, I’ll have to put this project on hold again until I get the machine fixed!! I just hope it is nothing serious….

2014-09-01 12.08.37

Anyways, here is where I am at. The front is completed, and the back almost complete. Since the backing fabric is not wide enough for the whole quilt, I used the left over fabrics to piece it together. And may I say I really miss JoAnn Fabrics?! The local fabric store I went to here has very limited quilting fabrics and I had a hard time finding something that is suitable. I finally managed to settle on this one. I just wish I can find a good fabric store in my area.

2014-09-01 12.11.09

So a little bit about what I did during summer. We had a family trip and went to visit Alaska!!! It was cold and rainy but soooo much fun!! We went to see the bears, the glaciers and all kinds of fun stuff!!! Alaska is soooo beautiful – even in the rain.


Hope you all had a wonderful summer~

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Starting Something New~

Today I finally opened a quilt kit I bought a few years ago. When I bought this kit, it was for no particular reason, simply because I loved the cute fabrics. But today, it will finally be put in good use. It will be made into a baby quilt, as a gift for a special little boy. Lets just hope I won’t screw this up!!! Fingers crossed!!!

2014-06-25 16.18.34

Isn’t this the cutest panel?! I think it is perfect for the little guy!!!

2014-06-25 16.24.07

So what are you guys working on lately? Are you surviving this summer weather? It is hot and humid here already nowadays, and we are not even in July yet!! I wonder how I will survive when real summer comes….

Friday, May 30, 2014

The Wisteria House

Another happy dance~ Well, I actually cheated on this one, since I’ve started it back in 2009 and got all the stitching done, but was intimidated by the assembling. So it waited this many years before seeing the light again, and I finally have the courage to put them together. It is not perfect, but I am happy with the result!!

2014-05-30 12.19.39

Pattern: 3D Cross Stitch by Meg Evershed “Wisteria House”
Thread: DMC Cotton Thread
Fabric: Walls – 22ct hardanger; Roof – 28ct Cashel Linen in Lilac 
Finished Size: 1.75”L x 1.5”W x 3.5”H
Completion Date: 05-30-2014

I love purple, and I love Wisteria, so if this house is real, I would be living in it!!!! Still thinking if I want to stitch a ribbon on top. With the lavender sachet inside, it sure smells wonderful~

2014-05-30 12.21.252014-05-30 12.21.112014-05-30 12.18.342014-05-30 12.20.30

This is a really wonderful book, with so many interesting 3D projects inside. Who knows, I might be bold enough to start another one someday~


Happy Friday~

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

State Fair

Hello, my darling friends~~ How have you been? It has been a while since I last post, but finally, another finish!!! (Happy Dance!!)I really love the blues and greens and oranges on this one, it was these colors that caught my eye in the first place.


Pattern: Little House Needlework“State Fair”
Thread: DMC Cotton Thread
Fabric: 32ct Belfest Linen in color Flax
Stitched Size: 10” x 5.5”
Completion Date: 05-21-2014

Another reason I love this design is because it reminded me of my State Fair experiences when I was in the US. I am a big fan of State Fairs!!! I love seeing all the animals, crafts and the food!!!! So much fun~

2014-05-21 14.09.512014-05-21 14.09.59

It has been raining non-stop here lately…. I miss the sun!!! Hope you all are having a wonderful week!!

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