Saturday, May 30, 2015

Hooty Hoot Quilt for a Special Little Guy~

Hello everyone, I'm back with another finish!!!! Let me present the Hooty Hoot quilt~ This one is for my nephew Anthony!! This is a quilt kit I bought long ago for no particular reason, simply because I thought it was very cute~ So when I heard my sister is having a little boy, I thought this would be perfect for him!!

Pattern: "Hooty Goes Night Night" by Riley Blake Designs
Fabric: "Hooty Hoot" by Riley Blake Designs
Size: 48" x 50.5"
Beginning Date: 06-25-2014
Completion Date: 05-19-2015

I know, I know, it took me long enough to finish such a simple quilt!! I actually started it before the little guy was born, thinking I have plenty of time finishing it, then life happened and it was put away for a while, but now it is finally complete - perfect timing for Anthony's one-year-old birthday, I think~

Since I do not like leftovers, I used all the label prints from the panel and some scraps and incorporated into the backing. I really like how it turned out, I hope Anthony will like it, too~~   


By the way, have you noticed my quilt hanging technique?! Some 3M hooks and binder clips will do the trick!! I intend to find some curtain clips to replace the binder clips, but it will do for now. I personally think that 3M hooks are one of the greatest inventions, it really help us people who have concrete walls and could't easily put a nail in the wall but desires to hang stuffs. Plus it's removable!!!! Now I have a perfect place to showcase my quilts and rotate them as often as I please~

On another note, have any of you fellow bloggers discovered problems with Windows Live Writer? I have always blogged with that software but apparently Google has changed some security settings causing it to no longer support  Windows Live Writer.... I am now using the Blogger web editing/posting page to write this post, so far it is ok (much improvement then when it first came out). The only thing I am not too happy about is the limitation on image editing. This will require some getting use to... 

Until next time, have a happy weekend!!!


  1. What an awesome, adorable gift! Great job Theresa.

  2. That is beautiful and what a nice treasure to have.

    1. Thanks, Cindy!! I hope Anthony will feel the same way~

  3. Seriously cute quilt! I love the little monkey. Your nephew is sure to treasure it always!


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