Saturday, June 27, 2015

A New Attempt!!!

I have to say I wasn't a big fan of Hawaiian quilts - that was before I started this one. Something traditional can totally transform into something different just by changing the fabric choice, and I am totally in love with it now~

This is a great way to learn applique, something I have not tried before. I was intimidated by it, and  looks so difficult!!! I have to say it still is a bit challenge to me, especially keeping it looking nice. My first few turns and points are not exactly pretty.....

It is a slow process, patience is required!!!!! But this is a start, hopefully when I am done with the whole thing, I would be better with it!!


  1. It's looking really good! I need to start another hand applique project to improve my skills.

    1. Hand applique is not an easy task!!!! I appreciate them even more now I have tired myself!!!!!

  2. Oh wow! How very cool. Keep at it!

    1. Thanks Vickie~~
      It is coming along slowly, but I enjoy every little stitch~

  3. Very nice! I look forward to seeing your progress.

    1. Thanks Debbie,
      It is a slow progress, I hope I wouldn't drag it our too long and loose steam!!!

  4. I just dearly love this....I too Quilt but I haven't tried anything like this yet. This is going to be so beautiful. I hope that you will show the Finish Piece when it is all finished.

    Happy Quilting
    Linda K, Railroad

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