Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Friendship Love~

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!!! Any big plans today? Well, I don’t expect my hubby will do anything special today, cause I think he has used up all his romantic quota for this year on my birthday. So my plan is we’ll just have a lovely dinner at home tonight and call it a day~

Although there’s not going to be much love from my hubby, I did receive a nice birthday package from Cindy recently!! Aren’t those buttons cute?! I will definitely put these in good use!! Thank you again for your thoughtfulness, Cindy~


Remember the little preview post I wrote a few weeks ago? Well, here is the final product!!!! There are two showing here but I only made one, the other was made by my stitching friend Claire. We decided to do this together and make it into pot holders as a goodbye gift to a very dear friend of ours who loves to cook~ We will miss her (and her cooking) dearly!!!!

Pattern: from book “Cross Stitch” by Dorothy Wood Pg.100 
Thread: DMC cotton floss
Fabric: 32ct white linen
Finished Size: 6" x 6" 
Completion Date: 01-30-2012

Before I end this post, please stop by Nancy’s blog and check out the awesome thread giveaway she has been hosting. Nancy have been generously giving away her beautiful hand dyed floss so be sure to check in often~~

snoopy love copy

Charley Brown is getting some love, I hope you will, too~~  Happy Valentine’s Day!!


  1. Theresa

    Beautiful buttons, I love the handles.

    Happy Valentine's Day

  2. Поздравляю с подарком! прихватки очень красивые!

  3. The pot holders are so pretty and what a lovely gift from your friend.

  4. Lovely gifts, and pretty pot holders.

  5. I saw your potholder posting on the "World's smallest blog". I just had to come tell you how beautiful they are. I would not want to use them after all that work. They would have to be for show only.

  6. Beautiful gifts - received and made!
    Your potholders are so cute!


  7. Happy *belated* Valentine's Day! :)

    The potholders are so awesome! I just love them.

  8. Oh my gosh, those pot holders are too nice to use!! LOL They're lovely.

  9. What a beautiful finish! Perfect work!


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