Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A Day in Life…

Today started out as a very nice day~ The sun is shinning, temperature in the 70s. Then I brought my car in for an oil change. Does it ever happen to you that every time you bring  your car in for a simple oil change but you always walk out of the shop with more then you have bargained? There’s always something you have to replace or something that is not working right, and by the time you walk out the door, you’re paying like $200 for what originally was just an oil change (there goes my new stash…). I am not a car person, and I can’t tell if what the mechanic told me to do is really necessary, so I always struggle with whether if I should do all the repairs they ask for. I usually ended up doing some of the work, just because they made it sound dangerous for me to go on the road. What do you usually do in this kind of situation?

Anyways, enough of the complaining. Let’s talk about something happy – a finish!!!! I finally finished up my snowmen pillow, and winter is not officially over yet~ I love how it turned out!!!! These snowmen are too adorable~

IMG_8293 copyIMG_8303 copy
Pattern: Bits & Pieces by Joan “#270 Bits & Pieces Pillows Set 2 – Winter” Kit
Fabric: Wool, Silk Matka
Size: 8”x 15”
Finishing Date: 02-21-2012

Those pine needles gave me such a hard time!!! I can’t remember how many times I took them apart because I didn’t like how they looked. Still not 100% satisfied with them, but I need a finish.

IMG_8297 copy

This was part of a set from Bits & Pieces, the other one I had finished in 2009!!! I can’t believe it took me this long to put this one together~ What do you think? Do they look like they are having a great time?

IMG_8306 copyIMG_8292 copy

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  1. I know - the crooks! They nickel & dime you to death!

    Great finish, I love those snowmen!

  2. Sorry about the car issues -
    (Your snowmen are too cute)

  3. Super cute snowman pillow. You did a wonderful job on it.

    I'm the same way with cars.. totally clueless. They can always take advantage of my ignorance. I try not to stress over it.

  4. Luckily, my husband knows a lot about cars so I trust him to deal with mechanics. I think a lot of them just prey on women and the elderly.

    Love your latest creation, Theresa--they are such a cheery bunch :)

  5. I think you did a great job on the pine needles! The pillow is adorable!!

  6. What a sweet little finish. :) I started a blog 2 days ago if you care to take a look.

  7. I love your snowman pillow,it is so beautifully stitched.

  8. Great job on the snowmen! Cars, they're expected to run....sorry you've had problems.

  9. Очень красивая и интересная работа! Прекрасная подушка!

  10. Ooooo, I love it! The pine needles are really impressive. I think they look neat as a pin. :)

    I'm lucky because my husband does most of the car type stuff himself. He likes tinkering with that stuff.

  11. Oh my gosh! Seriously, that is SOOOO cute!

  12. Oh my goodness, your snowman pillow is so cute!
    I dread whenever my husband takes the cars in for anything! As you say, there always seems to be a whole list of things wrong. Some things I never even heard of. Like you, we just pick the ones that seem the most dire. :)


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