Monday, February 6, 2012

This and That

Hello my darling friends~ Sorry I have been absent for over a week. I have been quite busy, and had almost no time for stitching. I managed to put in a few stitches on “Plant Kindness”, which I actually started while on vacation during Christmas. You would think I could get more done while DH was away!!! I’m also working on my tumbling quilt. It is very close to being done and I just want to finish it so I can cross it off my list!!!


Last Friday was my birthday. DH and I went to a steakhouse for dinner, taking advantage of the free steak birthday deal they have going~ They even threw in a free desert, how nice!!


As we were waiting for our meal, DH surprised me with a birthday present he picked up during his business trip~ This kind of thing does not happen much so I was very surprised!! Maybe he should be away more often?! ^^

IMG_8266 copy

I saw these giraffe balloons in the mall the other day!!! Aren’t they adorable?! These balloons are quite unusual cause they float low to the ground, so kids can pull them just like they are walking them. I saw a little girl pulling a pig one, sooooo darn cute!!! Don’t you think these giraffes are saying “Pick me!! Pick me!!”?



  1. Ya know what's funny (and a bit creepy)...all the giraffe's are looking at the camera. O.o Happy Belated Birthday Theresa! Beautiful progress too.

  2. Happy Belated Birthday! Plant Kindness is looking good - I really like the color of the fiber against the fabric.

  3. Your wip looks great. Happy belated Birthday. The necklace is lovely.

  4. What a lovely birthday gift - you lucky girl!

    "Plant Kindness" is really pretty!

  5. Happy Birthday Theresa! What a lovely gift your DH gave you! The dessert looks scrumptious!

  6. Happy Birthday:) What a lovely gift from your husband.
    Our elder son,who is now 30,has loved giraffes since he was a toddler and still collects giraffe ornaments. He would love these cheeky giraffes:)

  7. What a beautiful gift from your husband, Theresa!! And your stitching is looking beautiful as well...

    Happy Belated Birthday to you--hope it is a wonderful year ahead :)

  8. Happy Birthday! What a lovely gift from your husband!
    Plant Kindness is looking pretty.
    As for the giraffe balloons - I want one! :)

  9. Happy Belated Birthday! Beautiful necklace!

    Plant Kindness looks great, can't wait to see your finish!


  10. Lovely progress on Plant Kindness!! Happy Birthday to you! What a gorgeous gift your hubby gave you!!

  11. Happy Birthday to you, Theresa. And enjoy your gorgeous gift from your DH.

  12. Happy birthday! I love the gift from your husband--lucky you! Nice work on your Plant Kindness, too.


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