Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Learning Something New~

Phoebe and I meet almost every week. I don’t know if you have seen her work yet, but everything she makes is amazing!!! So I have been learning from her, and yesterday she taught me how to make a cell phone bag and a zippered pouch!!

IMG_3144 copy

The cell phone bag was originally planned to be an iPod bag, but for some reason, my final product turned out to be a bit too small (How did hers turned out fine?!). My phone fits perfectly, though, so it didn’t exactly turned to waste… (Hum, I totally planned all this, you know… ;-) ). It even has a pocket for the headphones!! How clever!!!

IMG_3119 copyIMG_3123 copyIMG_3130 copy

Then she taught me how to make a zippered pouch. I’m always a little bit afraid of making it cause it looked so difficult, but actually it’s not complicated at all!!! This little one only took us about half an hour from beginning to finish!!! Now I can put all my everyday necessities in this pouch and throw it in my bag,  so I won’t have to dig for them every time when I need them~~

IMG_3115 copyIMG_3102 copyIMG_3108 copy

Now that I’ve learned these basic, I think I’ll be able to built on it and maybe combine my cross stitch pieces with them. I’m sooooo going to miss Phoebe when she moves back to Taiwan!!!


  1. Great job on your cell phone pocket and zippered pouch! Phoebe is a good teacher! :)

  2. Lucky you! having a teacher!
    Super job, well done!!!!

  3. Wow! Beautiful and lovely! I love both! Especially the zippered pouch. How nice to combine this beautiful craft with stitching work!

  4. It's so much easier to learn when someone can show you how it's done. Your sewing projects turned out great, Theresa!

  5. theresa these are beautiful!!! nice work!! and a zippered pouch at that-- something i've been a bit frightened of myself. now i'll take your word for its ease and give it a try myself! lovely!!

  6. Theresa, both pouches look great - well done for your first attempt. You have now inspired me to try the zipper pouch - always thought it looks too complicated :)

  7. Oh, how clever! I love the fabrics, too.

  8. Hi Theresa--I just discovered your blog and love it! (Especially the fact that you love giraffes--my middle son (23) volunteers at the zoo and he has fallen in love with them, too.) You have some beautiful stitching here and I think your little pouches are lovely... I'll be back to visit often :)

  9. Learning hands on is so much better than trying to read a pattern and then do it! Your projects turned out fantastic!

  10. well done on the sewing, great finished :) nice pics !


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