Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A Great Mail Day!!!!

Today is a REALLY good day~~~~ It seemed that all my packages chose today to arrive all at once!!! First of all, some books I’ve purchased last week has arrived!! I’ve been eyeing them for a while, and finally decide to get them last week. I think all three of these books are Scandinavian style designs, the two on the left are second hand books found on Amazon, I think I paid more in shipping then for the book……


The funny bird book on the right is just too cute to pass!! Just look at all the cute little birdies inside~~ Aren’t they adorable?!

IMG_8406 copy

You can find more information about these books at Scandinavian Stitches, but remember to double check on Amazon if you are interested in buying any of them~

The next thing that cam in the mail today is this beautiful Gingher Sarah scissors I bought from Mike and Carol’s~~ After seeing all the beautiful scissors everyone had during Nina’s giveaway, it really put me to shame made me think it’s time for me to invest in a real pair of scissors…… I really love the colors on this Gingher Sarah plus it was such a great deal, so I just had to order it right away~~ Now i can say I’m a proud owner of an emblordary scissor!! YA~~~


I was a winner of Cameo’s daily giveaways, and here is the lovely pin she made. Isn’t this lovely? She is still giving away jewelries everyday so make sure to check out her site~~

pin from Cameo 1

Speaking of giveaways, Cindy is celebrating her 10,000 hit with a fabulous stash giveaway!!!!!! If you haven’t enter already, remember to enter before June 1st for a chance to win these goodies~~

As for my progress on the 3D house, thanks for all your encouragements over the last post, I’ve finally finished the two right panels of the house, and I’m loving it!!!! The Wisteria trellis turned out so nicely, I can almost smell the flowers~~


Sadly I had to put this one hold for a little bit and switch gears to work on an exchange piece. That shouldn’t take too long (I hope…) then I’ll come back and work on this more.

Thanks for bearing with me on this long post, I just had to share the joy of receiving mails~ Have a great day!!!!


  1. The 3D house looks great, I can't wait to see it all assembled! (And I don't own a "real" pair of scissors either, maybe it's time I start looking too!)

  2. Whoa! What great mail! Those birdie patterns look like fun and I love those Sarah scissors. And I am checking out that Cameo blog because that pin is cool! Thanks for the tip. It's nice to see your progress on the 3-D house and I know what you mean about putting it aside. I have to start thinking about an exchange too! Ack!

  3. Great post filled with awesome goodies!
    LOVE the books! What a great find! and the scissors:) That really is a great deal they have!
    Congrats on winning that great pin from Cameo!
    and I'm loving your 3D house too!
    ....and thanks for mentioning my giveaway:)

  4. sounds like you had lovely time with all your parcels

  5. Wow,your 3D stitching is looking great! I love the flowers :).
    And thanks for stopping by and leaving your kind commment in my blog!!

  6. Haha, wanna buy some Danish flower threads? I can tell you where to find the cheapest ones.

    You're 3D house looks really great, so does the scissors!KANBADE!


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