Thursday, May 28, 2009

Progress Report

Well, nothing much going around here. This week seemded to pass so quick with the long weekend. I’ve finished stitching my exchange piece so I worked on the 3D house a little bit more. I hope I will be able to finish this third panel by the end of this week…


After working on this 22ct fabric, stitching on 32ct over 2 for the exchange piece was like a walk in the park!!!!! I’m not quite done with the exchange piece just yet, though, cause I hit a little bit of problem – I lost my partner’s contact info when I reinstalled my computer last week…… I hope I can get that info back soon so I can mail it off~~ I really need a finish here……

Nothing scheduled for the rest of the day so I’m off stitching~~ Have a great evening~


  1. The little house is looking really good. I think its time you named it

  2. It looks wonderful so far.

  3. That's looking gorgeous so far, Theresa!! WOW!!

  4. Hi! I am new to your blog and I just wanted to say how much I’m loving it :) I'll definitely come back.


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