Monday, April 13, 2009

Scissors, Scissors…

Nina is having a scissors giveaway, and asked us to play with our scissors show our scissors collection~ Well, I don’t have a collection, in fact here is the pair of scissors I am using……


I know, I’m in need for a real pair of scissors!! It’s not that I don’t like scissors, in fact I have been looking for a while. It’s just that I want the first pair to be a very special one…. Well, if I’m lucky, this beauty from Nina might be that special one~


You should go check out Nina’s beautiful scissors collection!!! Come join the fun together~ We have till 4/30 to play with scissors~


  1. Oooh, those are beautiful! I'm not much of a scissor collector, either - I have my 4 pack that I got on deep discount at Joann's, and I have my embroidery scissors, and some other "snips" I've picked up at different times, because I'm always losing scissors. Anyway, I won a giveaway earlier this year, and it was ridiculous how happy I was!

    Good luck! I think every stitcher needs one pair of pretties for a fob to hang on.

  2. Hello dear Theresa,

    Don't worry, my collection is for my passion to collect scissors, I use only one like you ;)
    Thank you playing with me, of yourse you are in twice ;)


  3. Hi Theresa, I can't say that I have a collection really. I do love my Dovos and Ginghers though. You need to treat yourself. I hope you win the giveaway.

  4. Theresa, thank you so much for letting us know about this great giveaway. I will enter it after mine has finished and I can show my meager scissor collection. Lots of Love Patti xxx

  5. Thanks for sharing about the giveaway Theresa!
    I didn't have but one pair for 30 years until a few months! I just about started a new addiction!

  6. Girl, you need to get yourself a decent pair of needlework scissors! Hopefully you'll end up winning Nina's to get you started on your collection. Good luck!! :)


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