Thursday, October 13, 2016

Quick Fly By

Just want to step in and give you a quick update. I have started a new stitching project, this one is very recognizable, I am sure many of you recognizes the circular flower in the photo below~ I think these colors are absolutely beautiful together, and is a perfect fall stitch project.

Since the turn of this week, I can really sense the autumn in the air. We do not have those brilliant fall leaves here that many of you northerners have (which I miss a lot), but the heat in the day have retreated, and chill breezes  are starting to blow at night. Can't believe we are at the last quarter of the year already!!! 


  1. So very pretty Theresa! Have fun stitching away.

  2. Very pretty altho I can't guess what design it is. Love the little blue flowers in the border too.


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