Thursday, October 29, 2015

Stitching Again~

It has been a while since I started a cross stitch project. My hands were itching, so I pulled out my fabrics and thread.  

I really enjoy the process of seeing the design coming alive on the fabric. It so felt good to be stitching again! 

Our county was giving out free plants a month ago. I brought home a Hibiscus without knowing what kind of flower it has. It had its first bloom this week, and it was an orange blossom with multi petals extending from the base of the bloom!!! What a pleasant surprise~  

These are my little happiness recently. What are yours?


  1. Yay! What pretty colored flosses.
    Wow. I have NEVER seen a hibiscus like THAT! Gorgeous!
    We added another poodle. That is my little happiness. :D

    1. Yes!!! Little Murphy! He is adorable!!!! I'm sure he brings you many happiness~~

  2. Beautiful colour to your hibiscus did you know you can make tea from the flowers

    1. I did not know that!!! Will have to look it up~ Thanks for the info!!!

  3. Pretty colors! Can't wait to see more of your project. The hibiscus plant is lovely. I try to stitch a bit each week now and it's my relaxation.

    1. Yes, stitching how I relax, too!! I feel like I have not been doing it enough!!! Need more time stitching~

  4. I just love how you had your one photo - with your material and all of your threads laying on top of the material...that is so neat the way you did that.

    I am so glad that you are back to stitching again...Yeah for you...You didn't say what the pattern is though so I am curious on what the pattern is.

    Great Start on your new WIP....keep it up...looking forward to your progress on this.

    I love the background of your Blog...

    Happy Stitching
    Linda K, Railroad

    1. Hi Linda,
      The pattern I am stitching is from a Scandinavian book I have, can't remember the name from the top of my head since it is in Dutch, but I will look it up for you when I get home. It is a bird design.
      Thank you for visiting~

  5. Beautiful hibiscus. This color is really wonderful!
    It snowed today. I yearn for the season when a flower blooms.

  6. Nice to see a post from you again and to see that you are stitching! Thread on fabric waiting to be started always looks beautiful to me. And inspiring!

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