Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Rooster and Sweets~

Hellooooooo~~~~~ My darling friends!!!!!! I’m still here!!!! Just been very busy, therefore very little time to stitch. Nevertheless, I managed to finished a second image from the County Fair series. Let me introduce you to the Rooster!!! I really like this one, isn’t he handsome?! Can’t wait to start the next one, just wish I have more time to stitch!!!


Pattern: The Prairie Schooler “County Fair I – Rooster”
Thread: DMC Cotton Thread
Fabric: 28ct Irish Linen in Color Tea
Stitched Size: 5” x 5”
Completion Date: 11-13-2013

One of the reasons that I was so busy, was because my sister came back to Taiwan for a short visit, and I played tour guide and took her sightseeing, taking the advantages to visit some new places. There is this one place in Taichung that is very famous, it’s the Miyahara Eye Clinic. Don’t be fooled by the name, it is not a place that deals with eye ailments.It is actually a newly-revamped ice-cream parlor and pastry/dessert store that was converted from an old clinic. This store was established as a flagship store for “Dawn Cake”, which is famous for their pineapple cake and cheese cakes. Their ice-cream parlor has more than 54 flavors of ice-cream!!! From fruit to coffee to chocolate, almost every flavor you can think of.

photo 2

This one below is just the chocolate selection!!!

photo 1

We had to order one!!! I think we ordered some kind of coffee and sugarcane flavor, with their famous pineapple cake and cheesecake and nuts as sides. It was delicious!!!!


Not only the building and décor inside was amazing, their packaging are also a state of an art!!! I also found this box of chocolate which is molded as buttons!!! Aren’t they beautiful?!

photo 3

I’m so happy that I found this place. Now you’ll know where to find me when I am craving for sweets!!!


  1. Congratulations on your finish! That is some bowl of ice cream! Love the chocolate buttons too. It seems like a very interesting ice cream parlor.

  2. Sweet rooster finish.
    Wow! My kids are crazy for ice cream. Love the box of "buttons".

  3. Glad to see a post from you! Sweet finish, love that rooster!

    Wow, sure would love to visit that Eye Clinic! Very cool ice cream parlor and so many favors! Love to have some now ha ha!


  4. Drat -- now I want ice cream and candy!

    Love your rooster :) Congrats on a finish despite all the busy influences of life.

  5. A great finish! I love these early Prairie Schooler designs.


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