Thursday, November 15, 2012


Oh my!! Can't believe November is half way through!! Sorry for my absence, I have been traveling again, this time with my mom for a short trip to Hong Kong~ We enjoyed lots of delicious food, and also did a bit sight seeing. But what I enjoyed most was having afternoon tea at the Peninsula Hotel~

Remember the little traveling patter I received from Ellen a while back? Well, I finally found all my stitching supplies from all of our boxes, and pulled together the threads and fabric. I think this little pattern has detoured long enough, and I better finish it up soon so it can move on to it's next destination. These colors are cheerful, don't you think?!

Enjoy your rest of the week~


  1. No, Theresa. I had forgotten about that one. It is nice! And those are lovely colors. Glad you had fun with your mother. Take care.♥

  2. It's nice to take a short trip especially with mum isn't it?

    Can't wait to see your progress with the Travelling Pattern!



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