Tuesday, October 30, 2012


It was a total accident. We did not plan on visiting Tunghai University when we headed out for a wedding, but took a wrong turn on our way home. So hubby said, “Let’s go to Tunghai!!” And there we were, admiring I.M. Pei’s Luce Memorial Chapel. The last time I was here was more then 15 years ago. A lot of things has changed but this Chapel is beautiful as usual. This is truly a timeless piece!!


I’ve finally moved to the red flowers on the Mystery Sampler. This red was what caught my eye when I first see this piece. It is such a pretty color~ It took me a while but I think I can see the end now. I am getting excited!!!

IMG_1611 copy

Looks like Sandy has caused a lot of trouble on the east coast. I hope everyone is doing ok. Be safe!!


  1. It's an unusual piece of architecture!

    Like you, red sucks me in every time!

  2. Oh wow! I read the link on the chapel. How awesome.
    You are almost there now with the stitching!!

  3. 已經快完成了, 真期待 ~~

  4. Thanks for the pictures of the Chapel. Very interesting information.
    Your Mystery Sampler is coming on great!

  5. Lovely pictures of the chapel, Theresa!

    Nice progress on your WIP!


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