Thursday, June 7, 2012

A Wedding

I’m finally back to California~ I had an awesome time with my family, but it sure feels great to come home!! My sister’s wedding was a great success, even the weather cooperated. We were a bit worried cause it rained the previous days, but not a drop came down that day during the ceremony, so the newly weds could hop in the convertible as planned when they were leaving~~


The church was so beautiful itself, so we didn’t have to do too much decorating. My sister found those flower balls online and they were a perfect fit!! Can you tell they are made of wood shavings?


In fact my sister did a lot all by herself, she sew all the table runners, putting together all the wedding favors, punched all the little decorative flowers, and made that gift box – well, I kind of helped her a little bit with that. But  I was so amazed with all the work she had done, not to mention she has a full time job as a professor!!! The one thing I love most are the wedding favors, I think it’s totally her~ She is a scientist, hence the test tubes and flasks!! Isn’t it cool?!


My wedding gift for her almost didn’t make it on time, it was finished just days before her wedding!!! I used two full skeins the red threads on this one!! I think it turned out beautifully~


Pattern: Plum Street Samplers “Beloved” 
Thread: Gentle Art and DMC Cotton
Fabric: 36 ct Linen color Tea  
Stitched Size: 8” x 8”   
Completion Date: 05-25-2012

The back stitch is what threw me off. I did not think it would take me that long to work on them!!! But I think they were totally worth the time!!! I just love all the little details on this design, did you notice the two Cupids were actually a couple? How cute!!!


I did messed up the fabric sized, though… Didn’t know what I was thinking cutting it so small. The stitched area is 8x8 and the fabric is only 10x10!!!! Luckily I found a 10x10 frame that worked, couldn’t do any lacing on the back though, but I think it looked alright!!


Since my sister took care of most of the projects for the wedding, I had time for some small projects. Annabelle needed a hairband for her cute little outfit, so I made one for her -  it was so simple it only took me like 10 minutes!!! I just hand sew some pretty elastics together and made clips out of the premade flowers I found at the craft store!!! She can change out the flower part according to her outfits~ Isn’t Annabelle the cutest little model?!


Inspired by my sister’s shoe piece, I decided to make a hair piece for myself~I found the perfect feather at Michaels, got the button at Joann’s, attached them to a clip and here it is!!! You can’t really tell by the photo, but the green matched perfectly with my dress~


It took her a while, but I’m so glad that my sister found her happiness. I love seeing her smile, and I can see that she is really happy – and that, makes me happy!!!


  1. Oh Theresa! Beloved is wonderful, it looks great. Your sister's hard work paid off, it looks fantastic. Cool colors. And yes Annabelle is so sweet.

  2. What a beautiful wedding! And so much stitchy-crafty goodness. Love your sampler. The back-stitch border is really fantastic. And your little accessories are perfect.

    Test tubes... too cute!

  3. Оформление свадьбы очень красивое, а подарок - прекрасный!

  4. Lovely wedding and I love your marriage sampler, the reds are just gorgeous!

  5. I'm so happy that your sister found that special someone, Theresa. It looks like a lovely celebration and all her hard work paid off--the favors really are adorable!!

    Your wedding gift to the happy couple is perfect! And how sweet is Miss Annabelle in her new hairband--oh I just want to pick her up and hold her :)

  6. What a perfect wedding sampler, they must have been thrilled with it. I'm glad the wedding went so well, everything looks just perfect - congratulations to the newly-weds!

  7. Love all of the pictures. The wood flowers are beautiful. What a beautiful piece you made for them. Glad everyone had a great time.

  8. Beautiful church! Gorgeous wedding sampler, love all the reds!

    Thank you for sharing the beautiful photos!


  9. Beautiful decorations for the wedding! And your present is gorgeous, love this red colour, and all the cute details of the samler!

  10. What wonderful photos, Theresa! It looks like your sister organized and prepared very prettily for the wedding! So did you with the feathers and the beautiful sampler! All that red is dazzling! And your niece is so cute! You just want to squeeze her cheeks and give her a big kiss! ;-)

  11. wow...that was a lovely post...i loved your cross stitched wedding gift...and your hair clip looks gorgeous

  12. Great pictures of the wedding that you show here. And your wedding sampler is a dream. Your sister muct have been thrilled with it.


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