Saturday, June 23, 2012

30 Days!!!!!

Finally, a finish!!!! This piece was my travel stitching project so I have been working on and off on this one for a while, but I felt like I had to wrap it up, so here it is~

Pattern: Little House Needleworks “Plant Kindness”
Thread: Gentle Art and DMC Cotton
Fabric: 28 ct Linen color Flax
Stitched Size: 5.75” x 7.5”
Completion Date: 06-22-2012

I really like the colors on this one, purple and green, my favorite colors~


So I went to visit a Sew and Vac superstore here in San Diego and guess what I got!! A new sewing machine!!! I didn’t actually plan on buying that day but saw this model there and it was on sale, and the next thing I knew I was pulling out my credit card!!! I still have to test it out more but I’m liking it so far!!!


So what do all these have to do with 30 days? Well, that is when I will be moving – AGAIN!!! This time, we are moving overseas back to my home country - Taiwan~ That is why I am so eager to finish up my projects and get a new machine is such a short time. Although I’ve already packing, I still have all my crafting things out. I need to figure out what I want to work on before all the boxes arrive to our new home… So if it seemed like I have not been too active lately, that’s because I’m busy packing!! I’ll try to pop in as often as I can~ Enjoy your weekend!!


  1. My goodness, Theresa, that's a big move - back home too! You must be excited! Good luck with the move!

    Your LHN piece is very nice!

  2. Wow, what a big move! I wish you the best. You must be so excited to be going back home. Love your new finish!

  3. Good luck with your move. I hope you find some time to have fun with your new sewing machine before you go.

  4. Very pretty finish! All the best with preparing for the move.

  5. Oh, lucky you moving home! Best of luck to you. Beautiful finish, and I love the sampler you stitched for your sister!

  6. Lots of changes in your life, Theresa!! Wishing you the best in your move--it will be coming very quickly now, won't it?

    Love your latest LHN finish and enjoy your beautiful new Singer :)

  7. Wow Theresa! That will be a big change even though it will be back home won't it? I hope things go smoothly for you in the next few weeks. :)

  8. Вышивка прекрасная, я очень люблю этот дизайн! И поздравляю с новой швейной машинкой!

  9. Best of luck to you with your move. How exciting. And how exciting for the new sewing machine!! Your stitched piece is really sweet!

  10. Such a lovely finish, Theresa. And a new sewing machine - gorgeous.
    Wow, that's definitely a big move. I don't envy you for packing up a whole house but it must be so exciting for you to move back to your home country. Good luck!

  11. Oh my goodness! What a big move to do so soon. WOW. Exciting and stressful all at once. Big hugs for getting through the next couple months!!!! *hugs*

  12. Lovely stitching and congratulations for you new toy ! Wishing you a lot of fun with it.

  13. Hope your move back home runs smoothly.
    Gorgeous stitching and that is a fantastic sewing machine.

  14. Such a lovely finish, and big congratulations with your new sewing machine!!
    Good luck with your moving!


  15. Good luck on the move. So exciting to be returning home! Glad we all know each other through the internet so we don't lose touch!

    Your LHN piece is so pretty!

    And what a cute little Singer machine. Hope it gives you many fun sewing hours.

  16. Very sweet finish, and good luck on the move! It will be nice to be back home.

  17. Wow, back to Taiwan! That's wonderful for you to be by your family again! All the best getting ready!

  18. Hi Theresa, You won the drawing at my blog. Please let me know where to send your prize before you move! Best wishes.


  19. Plant kindness is just beautiful ;)

  20. Plant kindness is so lovely and an excellent message! We should be planting kindness everyday and it will grow all over! What a great purchase on the sewing machine! Wow and a big move for you too! Good luck with all your packing!


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