Monday, September 12, 2011

Off to the Quilt Show We went~

A friend and I went to the 2011 San Diego Quilt Show this past Saturday. It was the first time for my friend, and we were both so excited!! The modern pieces were just amazing!!!! All the cutting and piecing and stitching, sooooo much work put into each of them!!!!! (Click photos for a better look~)

2011-09-10  SD Quilt Show

This Celtic Knots pattern were originally meant to be 14” squares each, but the maker decided to do them in 1/3 of the original size, which was pretty amazing!!!!


I also love reading the stories behind every quilt. The maker of this “Oh My Gosh” quilt actually did the quilt from a picture, and actually found the pattern after she was done making it!!! I love the colors and all the tiny pieces of this quilt!!!!


Although machine quilting is quite popular now a days, there are still many amazingly hand quilted one in the show. I do love the hand made quality of these pieces, which is something a machine couldn’t create~

2011-09-10  SD Quilt Show1

Like this quilt which was hand quilted, hand embroidery from top to bottom!!!! My picture does not to it justice at all!!!! It was stunning in person. It took the maker 7 years to finish this quilt!!!!

2011-09-10  SD Quilt Show2

This one was my favorite quilt~~ I couldn’t help it, it was a garden theme!!! I love how the flowers stands out. If I remembered correctly, this one was the President’s Choice~

2011-09-10  SD Quilt Show4

The guest artist this year was Eleanor Burns of Quilt in a Day. I’ve been to her shop several times but this was the first time that I saw her in person. She has so much spunk!!!! Listening to her speak was so much fun~~~~


And of course we had to hit the vendors!!!! We totally lost ourselves there, especially the wool applique booths, visiting and revisiting each of them, debating what to get. After much deliberation, I managed to control myself and walked away with only a small hull. My friend, not so much. She did quite a damage to her budget…. We had so much fun, though!!!! Quilt shows are always more exciting with friends~~


I still haven’t decided what to make for my 3 year blogoversary yet, but I think I will throw in some of the finds I got at the quilt show. So if anyone is interested in my mystery blogoversary giveaway, please leave a comment on this post only and I will make a draw on 9/26, which should give me some time to make a special gift~ Thank you for all of you who followed me through these years. Your encouragement is what keeps me going!!! Please do come back and visit again~~


  1. Beautiful are the Quilts, thank!

    Beertje Zonn

  2. Now those are quilts--amazing to see such a wonderful variety!!

    Happy 3 year blogoversary, Theresa--the years fly by, don't they? I'm coming up on my 3rd in January... I'd love to enter your mystery giveaway :) Looks like you found some fun things at the quilt show...

  3. Oh my. My mind boggles at the complexity and work. They are all so beautiful. I particularly like the Oh My Gosh one too.

    Happy Blogoversary!!

  4. They are all beautiful quilt, they are definitely a result of a lot of patience and made with love.
    Congratulations on the third anniversary of your blog, count on me.


  5. all very nice but also very difficult

  6. Looks like it was a fantastic show. Thanks for sharing!

  7. The pictures of the quilts are beautiful and very inspiring. Please enter me in the drawing. Thanks. Marty Greiner

  8. What fun at the quilt show! Amazing entries! Happy blogiversary. I would love to be entered in your mystery giveaway!

  9. Beautiful quilts!

    Happy 3rd blogoversary! Love to join your mystery giveaway, thank you for the chance!


  10. Theresa, Please include me in your blogoversary drawing. Congratulations on your milestone! The quilt pictures from the show are amazing. I'm glad you got to attend.

  11. 3rd blogoversary - Congratulations ;)

    I love a good mystery -So,
    Please include me in your Giveaway - I would be thrilled ;)

    Take care

  12. Wow, such beautiful work. That must have been amazing!

    Enter me in your giveaway! Congratulations on 3 great years, Theresa!

  13. Congrats on 3 years of blogging! I would love to be included in your mystery giveaway! What a fun surprise!

  14. Three years, WOW. Love the quilts.
    How fun a mystery give away.
    Teresa's Heartfelt Stitches

  15. Happy 3rd Blogaversary! The quilts are beautiful. You are one busy girl. I love the idea of a mystery giveaway.

  16. Happy 3rd Blogoversary! I am a quilt appreciator. Please enter me in your giveaway.
    Carol S

  17. Congratulations on your 3 year aniversary! And thank you for sharing all your wonderful stitching!

  18. I just stopped by , seeing that you would have a giveaway today, I hope I am not too late to get in line,haha~


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