Saturday, September 17, 2011

Friendship Tote

A dear friend of mine will be moving away. Although we had just known each other for a couple of years, JC has been a constant in our life here in San Diego. Another crafty friend of mine and I decided to team up and make something for JC, and we thought a big tote bag would be perfect for her scarfs and hats and mittens that she will need when going out in the Chicago winter, along with all the other stuff a mom needs with her all times!!!


Pattern: Revised from “Simple Tote Bag
Size: 15” x 16”
Completion Date: 09-06-2011

The initials are stitched by my crafty friend, and I put the bag together. I mostly followed the instructions from this simple tote bag, but added a front pocket. I choose a pink lining fabric, which I thought works really well with the front fabric~~


Although I don’t want JC to leave, I know this is for the best, and I wish her all the best in Chicago. I hope when she sees this bag, she will remember us, and all the good days we had here in San Diego~

Speaking of gifts, if you would like to participate in my blogoversary giveaway, please remember to leave a comment in my previous post to enter. Enjoy your weekend~~


  1. What a gorgeous bag and lovely stitched initials. I am sure your cherished friend will be reminded of you every time she uses her bag :)

  2. What a lovely bag for JC, Theresa--I love the pink lining with the black and white fabric. I'm sure she will treasure it!

  3. Очень красивая сумка!

  4. Beautiful bag for your friend! I am sure she loves it and will come in very handy for her!

  5. wow...gorgeous bag...beautiful stitching and lovely fabric too

  6. 哇~~~ 超美的啦,包包的型和配色都好好看喔. 還繡了個小口袋. 真是太好看了.

  7. What a beautiful bag - So well done ;)

  8. I'm sorry to hear about your friend moving away. :( You and your other friend did a beautiful bag for her--I'm sure she'll smile and think of you whenever she uses it.


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