Friday, September 30, 2011

Mary Update and a Question….

It has been another month and I finished the bottom portion of Mary Wigham~ This time still not without mistakes of course, but I’ll worry about that later….


Here is a look at the whole thing as this moment. Keep this up and I think I would be able to finish it by the end of the year!!!


I actually have a question for you. Does anyone know how to finish cording on a wood box? As you can see, there is a little gap between the stitched piece and the box edge and I plan on covering it with a piece of cording. But how do you hide the ends? Also, how do you stop the cording ends from fraying? Do you burn it? Stitch it?  If anyone could give me some tips, it would be great help~~


Can’t believe another week just flew by, and starting tomorrow, it will be October!!!! Wish you all have a wonderful weekend~~~


  1. Mary Wigham is looking lovely,such beautiful delicate colours.
    I have not used cord to finish anything but I have read The Twisted Stitcher's (Vonna) tutorials on finishing and her tin box tutorial may help you,it is the last tutorial.

  2. Your piece of Mara Wigham is wonderful on over 1!! I adore :)

    The cording... well, I always finish in the corner, twist both ends to have a "normal" look, try to twist and glue it. Hard to write.

    it's better:

  3. Hi Theresa, can't help with the cording as I have never used it, so far. Wanted to ooh and ah over Mary, I am in a really low place with mine, I can't seem to get excited over it. Love the tote bag for poor JC leaving San Diego for Chicago, brr! I visited SD in November which was wonderful and lived in/near Chicago for seven years, no contest as to which I would choose, lol!

  4. What nice progress on Mary W! It looks great. I can't help on the cording--I'm finishing disabled--but sounds like you got some good answers already!

    Have a great weekend!

  5. Great question about cording! I'm going to check out the links that the previous posters provided.

    Mary looks wonderful! I have no doubt that you'll meet your goal.

  6. I have............absolutely no tricks/tips on this whatsoever. I usually bungle it on my ornaments. Maybe not badly, but certainly not as neat as others get it. :(

  7. Mary is really lovely, I love the color palette you're using.

  8. Mary is really beautiful done over one. Finishing is not my strong suit,so I can't help with the cording.

  9. Очень красивая вышивка! Прекрасная работа! очень понравилась!

  10. Mary is looking great, Theresa!! I really think you'll be able to finish it by the end of the year.

    Oh, I have trouble with cording ends as well! Have never tried it on a box, but on my little ornaments. It is difficult to make the ends meet nicely and cleanly and that is sometimes why I cover them with little bows or buttons! I've found that wrapping each end of the cording with a like colored piece of DMC thread before you cut helps with the fraying. That is what I did on this finish of the first little pillow: . It doesn't look perfect, but looks pretty good. I wish there was an easy answer!! I have better luck sometimes than others...

  11. Great progress on Mary. You can certainly finish her by the end of the year.
    Cording ends - I do it like Carol and add little bows or some other sort of decoration.

  12. Wow! Beautiful progress on Mary! You are really coming along on her. I wish I could say the same! lol

    I'm cording challenged as well. I hope you got some good tips!

  13. You are coming right along with Mara Wigham - lovely work -

  14. lovely this work...i like the colours !


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