Saturday, March 19, 2011


Edit 03-22-2011:

Yeap, they are staying alright, can’t move them now that they have an egg…


I guess spring is really here!!!!


I’m finally back from my trip!!!! It has taken longer then I expected, and although I enjoyed visiting my parents, it felt great to be in my own nest again!!!

I must have left for too long, cause I discovered a couple of doves have taken residence on my patio!!! Apparently they did not got the memo about location, location, location!!!! They have built a nest in one of my potted plants which is located right outside of the patio door, and every time I open the door they would get spooked and flew away and scared the hell out of me. 

IMG_2247 copyIMG_2241IMG_2246

At one point while I was cleaning the patio, I have moved the pot with the nest while they were gone. They came back a while later and seemed confused when they couldn’t find their nest. I felt so sorry for them so I put the pot back. Now I’m struggling whether to keep the nest there or not. While I like having them, their choice of residence is really not ideal for me or for them. What should I do?

right now, My own nest needs a bit organizing as well. Hopefully I’ll get back on my routine soon~~


  1. Welcome back! You'll be back into your routines soon.

  2. Please, let life going on ! and put back this nest ! Life is so précious.

  3. Welcome back, Theresa. We have robins that try to nest on our porch every year--we have to put up boards to keep them from building over the window frames!

  4. Oooo, that's a tough one! I love doves but they've always seemed to be, mmmmmmm, not the smartest bird out there, you know?

  5. Welcome back! How neat about the birds! We had some house martins make a nest on our house right above our sliding glass door. I loved it, but it did freak me out when they would dive bomb us when we went outside!! LOL

  6. That is so sweet! Is there an exotic angel hatching from the egg? ( see the card in the nest)lol!

  7. welcome back!,,and,,oh a nest!! i want one too,, to see the litle bird..


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