Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Year~

Happy New Year, my dear friends~~ Can you believe a new year has started already?! January 1st is not only this first day of a year, it is also my wedding anniversary!!! DH took me shopping all day and treated me with a wonderful dinner!! I was sooo tired by all the walking at the end of the day, but was filled with happiness. It sure didn’t feel like 5 years have past. I am very fortunate to have him as my husband~~

Theresa 048

Well, guess where I went for my first stop of shopping!!! Michaels of course!!! I wanted to restock my DMC threads so I took the advantage of using the 25% off entire purchase coupon~~ After seeing all the wonderful ornaments you guys did this past year, it made me wanted to do it for this year. And have you seen the preview of Little House Needlework’s new ornaments? I totally gave in after seeing it. So this is the challenge I gave myself this year. Finish at least one ornament a month. I hope I can do it!!!!


Wishing you all a year filled with happy dances!!!!


  1. Happy Anniversary Theresa. What a lovely picture.
    And a Happy New Year to you too.
    Big hugs,

  2. Happy New Year ,and Happy Anniversary to you both . XXX

  3. Happy Anniversary! And Happy New Year!
    You can totally do the ornament a month...I can hardly wait to see them as you go :) And yes I have seen the january preview! I can hardly wait to get my hands on it myself.

  4. Happy Anniversay and all the best for the New Year. Lovely picture of you and your DH.

  5. Theresa, you won my new year's day giveaway. Please send me your snail mail so I can get your package to you. Happy Anniversary. Cindy

  6. What a beautiful photo. You both look so perfectly happy!

    Happy Anniversary and Happy New Year!

  7. Happy Anniversary to you and your husband! I just *love* the picture of the two of you in the garden.

    I only stitched 2 of the LHN ornies from last year. The preview for this year looks fantastic!

  8. What a lovely, lovely picture of you and your husband on your wedding day, Theresa! Happy Anniversary to you both and I wish you many more years of happiness together :)

  9. Happy Anniversary to you and your DH. Wonderful photo! And Happy New Year too!

  10. What a lovely photo of the two of you! Happy Anniversary to you both!

    and best wishes for a Happy New Year filled with lots of stitching time, of course!

  11. Happy Anniversary!!! What a gorgeous photo of your handsome/beautiful selves!

    I've seen the first 6 2011 LHN ornaments...they get better with each month!

  12. Awww... happy anniversary, sweetie! Wishing more and more and non-stoping huge amounts of happiness for the pretty couple!=)
    Big hug!

  13. Happy anniversary and happy new year! You seem to have spent a wonderful day.
    I love your idea of stitching an ornametn a month. You will certainly manage. Have a great stitching start with all your new threads.

  14. Happy anniversary Theresa, and Happy New Year!

  15. Happy anniversary, and happy new year! I fell in love with the LHN ornaments, too. ;)

  16. Beautiful wedding picture. Happy Anniversary to you and your DH.

  17. Happy Anniversary And Happy New Year !!
    i am sure that you can do the ornament a month. they will be lovely.


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