Monday, September 27, 2010

All Pieced!!

Although this photo may not look much different from the previous one, all the blocks are pieced together in this one, miner the top row since I still have to fill in one block. I actually did managed to put them all together and cleaned up the mess before DH came back from his business trip last weekend, and he was rather impressed with this quilt top, which made me very happy~~

IMG_8763 copy

I still need to get fabrics for the border and backing. I think I know what I’m using for the border, but not sure about the backing yet. Since I don’t think I’ll find any backing fabric from this series that is big enough, I’ll have to hit quilt shops and try finding something that will go with it. Any suggestions?

Look at what DH brought me from his trip~ Those soap smells soooo good!!! He told me so many great stories about Maine that I wanted to visit there even more!!!! He did promised to take me there one day so I’ll have to take his word for it!!


It is SUPER hot here today, like more then a 100 degrees hot – which is very rare consider the average high in La Jolla is around 78 degrees!!! I hope this heat wave will be over and autumn temperature will return soon~~

OH!!! By the way, have you seen one of those GO Cutters?! I soooo want one of those!!! Think of all the time it will save to cut all those blocks!!!! There happens to be a few GO giveaways happening right now, so be sure to GO check my sidebar of all the excitements that is going on~~~


  1. Well done Theresa, you have done a great job. Good luck with finding the fabric for borders and backing.

  2. What a sweet souvenir from your hubby! Love the soap's packaging design! I hope you will bring back home some nice backing fabric from the shop. :)

  3. Beautiful Quilt - Congrats on your progress :)

  4. I really want to visit Maine too one day. We had a trip sketched in for this year but we cancelled it. Maybe in the next few years we'll both get there.

    Was the tumbler quilt fiddly to sew together? It's beautiful and I know you'll find the perfect backing fabric.

  5. The piecing is as perfect as the cutting! What a great quilt top.

    Pretty soap and chocolate! DH knows how to make a girl happy!

  6. Beautiful piecing job. I love the colors and prints in the quilt top. MMM, chocolate. Nothing better.

  7. Theresa,
    This beautiful, great job.


  8. Oh, Theresa, your quilt top is gorgeous--love the colors you've chosen :)

  9. I am anxious to see this quilt done! Its still a wip and already looking so nice!
    Kudos for hubby's sweetness!=)

  10. It looks great, Theresa! Those fabrics are just soooo cool.


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