Thursday, April 15, 2010

A Little More Progress…

Thank you for all your comforts in my last post. I am very touched!!!  After a few more little scares, things have finally settled down here. I haven’t have much time to stitch lately, but here is my progress on Mary Wigham Sampler. I’m almost done with the first page……

This is where I left off since last November…IMG_3182

And this is where I’m at right now… Not a whole lot, but nonetheless, it is progress.IMG_6063

My to be finished pile is growing larger and waiting for me to do something with them!! I already have ideas for all of them, but just need a whole day or two to put them all together!!!! I’m still buried in my work, though, so they’ll just have to wait a little bit longer……


I hope you all are having more fun stitching time then I do~


  1. Every little bit helps! You are farther along than I am and I am group moderator! lol Your Mary is looking great so far...

  2. Looking good! Love all of the goodies in your finishing pile....can't wait to see the "finishes".

    happy stitches....

  3. Progress is progress no matter how many (or few) stitches you accomplish! Nice work!!

    Looking forward to seeing your finishes finished.

  4. Your Finishing Pile is looking lovely

  5. Slow and steady as they say. That looks to be a beautiful set of finished stitching. Hope you get some time to work on it.

  6. Your Mary looks great! At least you do more progress than me. (LOL) Looking forward to see your finishing on all those lovely finishes. Have a nice weekend, Theresa!

  7. My stitching time has been sparse in the last couple of weeks. I agree with you though that progress is progress!

  8. I think we're all having trouble fitting in stitching time in here in the east now that spring has arrived Theresa! Your Mary is looking wonderful and I can't wait to see your pile of finishes finished!

  9. Theresa, your Mary W is looking great! I also love that pretty pile of finishes you have - the colours look so pretty!

  10. I love your MW progress, Theresa! Great pile of finishes, too. :)

  11. Your stitching is absolutely beautiful!
    Bear regards,

    Beertje Zonn
    Bear from the Netherlands

  12. Oh, I know everything about those to-be-finished piles, lol. Yours looks so lovely. It will be interesting to see what you will make into.
    Very nice stitching!

  13. Stopped to say hello and share my interest in your stitching!


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