Wednesday, March 10, 2010

My First Quilt – Finished!!

After one and a half years, I finally finished my very first quilt!!!! I cant believe this little blanket took me so long… It did remained in my UFO pile for almost a year before it saw the light again. I was kind of going off a book and couldn’t understand what it was talking about, so I just put it away. I was very fortunate to have met Phoebe after moving to San Diego. It’s all because of her, that I could continue working on this quilt, and finally completing it.

IMG_5539 copy

Pattern: Something I made up myself
Fabric: Assorted fabrics found in store
Size: 41” x 56”
Beginning Date: 07-10-2008
Completion Date: 03-06-2010

This little blanket is not perfect. The lines are crooked,the spacing is uneven, and threads showing everywhere it shouldn’t be. But I’m still very proud of it, because it is my very first quilt, and I put a lot of work into it.

IMG_5534 copyIMG_5531 copyIMG_5526 copy

I think it turned out pretty nice in the end, just don’t look close…. ;-)

IMG_5569 copy

It is now sitting on my sofa, and will accompany me when I watch TV and stitch.

IMG_5567 copy

Now that I learned how to properly make a quilt, I feel like making another one. Just like Phoebe said, this is a path of no return!!!!

Thank you for all your warm comments on my Friendship Sampler. I’m currently working on my Mary Wigham again. The progress is slow, because work has picked up again. I might not have much to show for a while, but I will check in often. May you all have a wonderful day~~


  1. Congrats on your first quilt! I love the color combinations, It looks so cool and cozy, and pretty too! Same like you, I started stitching on Mary Wigham again and progress is slow. :)

  2. SWEET! it's gorgeous! Very pretty :)

  3. I love the colors, Theresa--you did a beautiful job :)

  4. It's adorable! I've never quilted a thing in my life. Glad you were able to finish this up.

    By the way, received the BOAF chart and thank you so much for the cornflower blue! Thank you thank you!

  5. Its beautiful.And though you see all the imperfections,thats what makes it so unique and so much you.I remember the quilt my grandmother had made me,back then they used printed flour bags.Anyways it was absoluely beautiful.We do not look for perfection in them,its the beauty and heart of the stitchers work.Guess I am not so good at putting things into words.You did a great job with your quilt so I hope you enjoy it for a long time

  6. Theresa - it's beautiful! I love the fun polka-dotted green! It will keep you warm and happy and that's what matters. And did you know, Quaker women intentionally made mistakes in their handwork, so that no one could say that it was "perfect" - because only God is perfect. ;)

  7. Your first quilt - congratulations, Theresa! It looks wonderful. Don't worry that it's not 'perfect'. You put your heart into it and that means a lot!

  8. Love it! I think it looks so cheery...I love the green color and the daisy on the corner. Great job!

  9. Looks great to me! I love the color combination, so peaceful.
    You did a super job and I know you will always enjoy this special quilt.

  10. How pretty....I love the colors! You did a great job on your first quilt. Kudos to you.

  11. Theresa, your first quilt is gorgeous!

  12. I love the color.. being ur first quilt, it's a well done job.. wish I have a patience to do such things.. U make me felt like i need to make myself one too.. lol!

  13. How fantastic for you in finishing your first quilt! It looks very beautiful to me. You go, girl!!!

  14. I can't admire your quilt enough. I love the colours you combined and the pattern you made up yourself. Fantastic!

  15. Little imperfections gives it that handmade look. I think it's beautiful! Please drop by my blog for an award.

  16. congratulations for the finsih,is really pretty,lovely.

  17. 第一個 !!!
    一點兒也不像是first quilt.

  18. Theresa your quilt is awesome. I love it.
    Patti xxx

  19. If this is the 1st, imagine what you are gonna come up with next! OMG!Its gorgeous!!!
    Great job!
    Hugs from sunny Brazil.

  20. I think your first quilt is gorgeous! I have a quick that I was stuck on too that I put away. I should pull it out again and see if I can figure it out!

  21. Wow! Gorgeous groups with gorgeous colours!


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