Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Seeing Spring on My Canvas~

And now we enter February, my favorite month of a year~ Why? Because its my birthday month, of course!!! In fact, my birthday is in two days~ I’m already thinking about the delicious cake I’ll get!! Yummy~~~~~

As for my stitching progress, I’ve finished the upper half of the Friendship Sampler, and I’m loving it!!! Seeing each flower coming to life was so much fun~~~ I wasn’t sure about the colors at first, but they really work well together, and now I can’t get enough of them!! I just want to keep on stitching~~

IMG_5257 copyIMG_5259 copy

I don’t want to bore you with my Friendship Sampler progress, but this is the only thing that I am working on right now. I really want to get it done, cause I know there is a long line behind me waiting for its arrival. I’m determined to get it done!!!!!

So that’s it for now!!! What’s happening on your canvas?


  1. Great progress on your Friendship Sampler!! The birdie and those corner flowers are my favorite part. I just noticed your new header...cute!!

    I hope you have a great birthday! Remember to save me a slice of cake! ;-)

  2. It is a beautiful stitch and I have faith that you WILL get it done :)

  3. Happy Early Birthday! I hope you have a great day.

    Wonderful stitching. The border looks like loads of fun.

  4. Yes, February is a great month - with people like you and me having birthdays this month, could it be anything else? Hope you have a fantastic day when it arrives, I've just got to wait until the end of next week!

    Your friendship sampler's looking great too - lovely springy colours!

  5. Your Friendship Sampler is wonderful, and now that you love the colors it will be easy to get it done! Don't you just love BOAF designs?

    Just in case you don't get back on before your birthday HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  6. Happy Birthday, Theresa! I hope your day is special and that you get lots of great stitchy presents!

    Love you Friendship Sampler--I think the colors are perfect :)

  7. Wow! It will be beautiful... It is beautiful.

  8. Looking just gorgeous, Theresa :)

  9. Oh, I know, Theresa, you get to a point where you just want to get it done so you can enjoy it, and also move on to other things! I am in the same boat with my BBD's Birds of a Feather! Oh well, WE will get there, Theresa! And a Happy Birthday coming up!

  10. Very pretty WIP....the colors are so pretty! Early happy birthday wishes too...never too early to start celebrating.

  11. Your sampler is wonderful! Great progress!!
    Happy Birthday, Theresa!

  12. Your Friendship Sampler is beautiful!

    Have a very happy birthday!

  13. Happy birthday. Your stitching is beautiful. You will finish your canvas. Don't watch the clock, or in my case the calendar ;), just enjoy the process and every single stitch.

    Lovin' those colors (your pictures really show them off well) and looking forward to following your progress.


  14. Your Friendship Sampler looks great! February is one of my favorite month too because it's my birthday month too! :)


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