Monday, July 20, 2009

Almost There….

Last week went by like a flash, I didn’t have as much time to stitch as I wanted, but did make more progress on my Lizzie Kate piece. All I had to do is add the names and date and this will be done!!! (Now that I look at the photo, I think I missed the center of the two pink flowers on the right. Oops…) I think I will be able to wrap this up tonight!!!! Please excuse the wrinkles…… I promise it won’t look like that when I complete it!!! ;-)

 IMG_9858 copy

Phoebe and I hit several quilt shops around here again the other day, and this time we discovered another cute one – The Country Loft!!!! It is totally adorable!!!! They not only have loads of great fabrics, the decor is also soooo CUTE!!! I wish I could bring everything home with me!!!!


If you have not known already, Paulette of Palm Street Sampler is having a giveaway. All you have to do is visit her blog and leave a comment there.

Before I leave I just want to share with you a photo of my fruit of labor… Well, not really, but they sure taste great!!! You can see those green tomatoes I had to pick off earlier are ripping beautifully, and my other Roma tomatoes are ripping as well~~ 


Thank you all for your kind comments on my bunny mat~  It was a very fun project and I think there will be more of it coming in the future~~~ Wish you all have a wonderful week ahead, and stay cool!! Happy stitching~~


  1. Your stitched piece is so pretty, and I love your little Korean shoes! Your tomatoes look delicious!

  2. Your bunny mat was the cutest pattern ever. I meant to go looking for it because I'm such a bunny nut.

    The Lizzie Kate piece is cute (and so are the little shoes!)

  3. Hi Theresa, love the new stitching! I can only get to see your blog entries if I add labels to your link. Your fist page never comes up, I havent a clue why or whats wrong with my PC. At least now I can enjoy your seeing your news!

  4. Your stitching looks so cute! I've missed a couple of stitches on my SB Flag Bag that I noticed later on, so we've all done it. :) Easily fixed though, as yours is too.

    Thanks for showing pics of the quilt shop you went to. It looks delightful!! I feel right at home in these types of shops. It's the type of decorating style I like. I could spend a fortune there I'm sure. lol

    BTW I too have been having trouble lately displaying your blog on my computer. Nicole's as well. Not sure why.

    I'm off to check out the link you've got to this quilt shop! :)

  5. 好羨慕喔, 在美國有這麼多間漂亮的店可以逛
    看到妳的蕃茄, 讓我也很想吃, 不過台灣現在太熱, 所以蕃茄不好吃.

  6. Theresa, I was able to see your post. Yea!! Cute, cute design. Loved the pics from that shop. Looks like a place I'd spend money in, for sure.
    Your tomatoes are far and away better looking than the ones in our store. Enjoy them.

  7. That is a super cute design!! Woohoo--you're nearly done! LOL at finding the missing stitches in the photo--I've done that more times than I care to mention! ;) The quilt shop looks like a fun shop--I'm glad you had a good time!


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