Monday, March 30, 2009


I have been checking out all the needlework shops around my area lately, and was somewhat disappointed to find out the ones that are closest to my home don’t carry any cross stitch items…… Then I stumbled across Stitch-A-Cross’s website, and saw they are having a sale during March!! With only a few days left in this month, I paid it a visit last Friday~

Stitch a cross 2

And here is what I added to my stash!!!!! A chart from Shepherd’s Bush, another from Told-in-a-Garden, 2 charts from the Cricket Collection, and 3 cuts of Belfast Linen~~

Stitch a cross 4

These charts are just too cute to resist!! Now I wish I have an extra pair of hands cause I’m such a slow stitcher, and I REALLY feel like working on these like RIGHT AWAY!!! LOL

Well, I hope you all will be able to have mush more stitching done then I do!! Have a wonderful week~~~


  1. Yay, stash! I wish I had a LNS near me, I just have Jo-Ann and Michael's. Maybe you can plan ahead to encourage yourself to finish some of your current projects!

  2. Theresa,
    I am the one who asked when you first moved if
    you had found a good LNS. I am so glad to see
    that you did and I am envious, as I don't have
    one in the town where I live.
    Looks like you made some good stash choices!

  3. Boy did you do good girl! I love stash and know just how you feel about wanting to stitch it all now. My best LNS shut down so now I'm Internet only except for very basic stuff like dmc. Can't wait to see what you do first. Love Patti xxx

  4. Wow, that is some great new stash you bought. Thanks for sharing the picture of the store. I would love to walk in this store.

  5. Great stash enhancements. I love everything from Told in a Garden.

  6. You are so lucky to have such a great store in your area. Pretty stash - enjoy playing with it!

  7. The pillowcase, the biscornu, the new charts-- it looks like you are having a fine time in San Diego! Your stitching is so lovely, you are really doing a nice job with it. Thanks for keeping up the blogging!!

  8. Uh oh. We're all in trouble now! Love what you chose!

  9. Great stash buy, Theresa. Love those Amish designs, and SB - well, what can I say? Fantastic! Fabbies look terrific too. :)


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