Monday, February 9, 2009

First Ever PIF Gift~

Look what came through the mail during the weekend!!!! It's a PIF gift from Elisa!!!!! I was soooo excited to receive this cause this is my first ever PIF gift~

IMG 035

It's a pin pillow with floss rings on 2 ends, and this is a Calico Cat design called Hearts & flowers. It is stitched with Victoria Clayton silks!! Isn't it just lovely? The fabric itself actually has a pink hue to it, but it doesn't show through very well on the photos....

IMG 041IMG 044

PIF gift from Elisa
Calico Cat design "Hearts & flowers"
Thread: Victoria Clayton silks
Received: 02-07-2009

And here is the whole package!!! The lavender soap smells sooooo good!!! It made the whole package smells good. It fact that is the first thing I noticed before I even opened the package~ Thank you so much Elisa!!!!!

IMG 036

I also got the Heart and Hand framed last Friday~ I went to Michaels and sat on the floor with several frames in front of me for hours and this is my final decision!! I think it fits the design quite well~

IMG 023IMG 013

Pattern: Willow Hill Samplings "Heart and Hand"
Thread: Recommended cotton floss
Fabric: 28ct DMC linen
Size: 8.25" x 5.25"
Beginning Date: 10-09-2008
Completion Date: 01-30-2009

Thank you all for visiting~ I hope you all will have a wonderful week to come~


  1. What a lovely PIF! I like the concept of pillow and floss rings in one! Very nice framing on your project has such a sweet sentiment.

  2. Hi Theresa, The minute you said Calico Cat I knew it just had to come from the UK because I know the designer of Calico Cat - yet another Carol, quite well. Aren't PIF's just the best. Enjoy your present especially the chocolate although personally speaking I like Hershey's better than anything but then again I am a displaced Yank. Love Patti xxx

  3. Your Heart and Hand finish is Gorgeous! It looks so wonderful in the frame you've chosen!!!

  4. I like how you framed "Heart in Hand" and congrats on your PIF

  5. Lovely frame choice. It looks wonderful.

  6. Beautiful PIF!! Elisa finished the pin pillow beautifully!
    Wow! your frame is gorgeous! It looks amazing with your beautiful Heart and Hand piece!

  7. Wonderful PIF gift! I love lavender soap!

    The frame you chose is beautiful!

  8. Great frame, a perfect match. The pif is wonderful!

  9. Theresa,
    Thank you for congratulation my Mom. so sweet of you.
    I love your framed Heart And Hand, the frame compliments the design so nicely. You've done am amazing job on this piece.

  10. Heart and Hand looks brilliant and I love your frame choice it suits it perfectly.

    What a lovely PIF from Elisa, she's such a sweetie!

  11. Dear Theresa,
    Hello, I am Kimberly Mueller from "Willow Hill Samplings". I was just looking around on the web and came across your picture of my "Heart and Hand" design. I just wanted to tell you that I love your choice of fabric and frame! It turned out very lovely, and I'm very happy that you wanted to stitch it. Thank you and happy stitching!


    p.s. your website is supercute!


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