Monday, November 17, 2008

My PIF Members~

It's the closing day for signing up for my PIF members, and since there are only 2 people who signed up, they will be receiving something I make within the next 365days. Since I only have 2 members but have 6 spots, anyone who is interested to participate can still sign up with me. Just leave me a comment in any post and I'll add you to my list~

So, my PIF members are...

Jennifer (check out all the cool jewelry she made!!)


Please e-mail me your name and snail mail address, and also include some of your favorite things so I can make something within your liking~ My e-mail address is

Remember to continue spreading and sharing the joy and fun by posting your PIF in your blog too~~ Thank you so much for participating!!

1 comment:

  1. thank you theresa! i'll be posting soon as life lets up a little...
    also you will receive something from me as well. i will send you an email with my details...


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