Monday, September 29, 2008

My First Zippered Pouch

Alex told me she got my package, so I decide to put this one up first while I am still organizing the photos from my trip.

Remember the kitty cat pattern I stitched almost a month ago? Well, I finally found a zipper foot for my sewing machine so I wanted to put it together as a return gift to Alex. And here is my very first attempt on a zippered pouch.


Pattern: Novalee02 "Chatchatchats"
Thread: DMC cotton floss
Fabric: 18ct oatmeal aida by Regency Mills
Stitch Size: 3" x 2"
Completion Date: 09-05-2008
Finishing Date: 09-20-2008

Zippers always had frightened me. But after reading Anna's tutorial on how to make a zippered pouch, it doesn't seem so complicated anymore. I couldn't say that my outcome was perfect, in fact, I couldn't even keep the lines straight.... But I was satisfied with my first try, I'm sure practice makes perfect!!

To make it more personally, I also made a fob that goes with the pouch. I have to say tiny things are not the easiest things to make.... I had to used a cord to cover up my lousy hem stitches.... But all in all, I think it is cute - just don't look too closely.... ;-)


Now I look at all the perfect finishes my fellow stitcher do, and I wonder how they can make things so perfectly!! I hope someday I can stitch as well as they can, too!!


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Happy stitching~~


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