Sunday, September 7, 2008

Kitty Cats

It has been a while since I last posted. I have been stitching... really!! In fact, that was the only thing I wanted to do all day everyday, but there were some other things I needed to take care first, so I banned myself from stitching for a few days.

I wasn't going to do any stitching before I finished my work, but couldn't resist after just stopping for 3 days, so I broke the rules and whipped out this cute little freebie by Novalee02.


Pattern: Novalee02 "Chatchatchats"
Thread: DMC cotton floss
Fabric: 18ct oatmeal aida by Regency Mills
Size: 3" x 2"
Completion Date: 09-05-2008

I changed the design a little bit and only stitched 3 of the 5 cats, and I loved how it turned out~ Novalee02 really captured the postures of a cat. I plan to finish it up to a little pouch, but I need to find a zipper foot that will fit my sewing machine first. I couldn't wait till it is finished!!!

Back to work again.....

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