Saturday, March 8, 2014

All About Animals~

Hubby often complains that I seldom stitch or make anything for him. That is very true, but it is very difficult for me to think of anything he needs I know how to make!! One day, I was at his office, and I had an idea!! I’m going to make a hanging thing for him to hang over the glass panel on his office door to replace those calendar pictures he had on there. And the theme? That’s a no-brainer!! Since he is teaching Animal Science, it’s only fitted to do a farm animal theme~

So here it is, the final product!!! I think it is pretty neat, and the best part, hubby loves it, too!!

IMG_3149Pattern: The Prairie Schooler “County Fair I”
Thread: DMC Cotton Thread
Fabric: 28ct Irish Linen in Color Tea
Finished Size: 7.75” x 22”
Finishing Date: 03-06-2014


Ok, ok, I still haven’t found a cow that is white on dark, plus all that I can find has white legs. But hey, if you don’t tell, I won’t~ 眨眼睛


This is how it looks like over the glass panel. Works perfectly as a screen, I think~


Besides having cows on campus, we also keep a few steer as well for research and teaching purpose. Students got to learn everything about milking and taking care of them which is actually a lot of work!! This cutie is just one of the few steer we have on campus. Isn’t he adorable?!


We have babies, too!! All born from the cows we have on campus~ And yes, that is hubby’s hand this little one is sucking on…


Today is actually a cold and rainy day. Nothing better to enjoy a cup of coffee (tea for me) at Starbucks and stitch!!


Enjoy your weekend!!


  1. Job well done Theresa! Looks great. What a fantastic idea you had to make that up for your husband.

  2. What a great idea, and lovely stitching and sewing - well done.

  3. There isn't any problem with that cow... All are so cute!!! I like PS pattern.

  4. Nice idea, and a great finish! Perfect theme for him.

  5. What a brilliant idea! It works perfectly in the space too. I love husbands that love what their wives make for them.

  6. Such a cute wall hanging and the best part is that your DH likes it. Men are always difficult to stitch for.

    And your cow photos are the cutest.

    Enjoy your Starbucks and Stitching hours!

  7. Great job on your husband's wall-hanging, Theresa! I think that is so sweet that he wants you to stitch for him :)

  8. These Prairie Schooler designs are just beautiful. And you made such a gorgeous wall hanging for your husband with them. Great job!
    Your new project with the quilt theme is already looking great.

  9. I just love your have so many cute photos on your Blog.

    I love your Finish...that is a great way to finish off something....I love it.

    I love your WIP too....

    Happy Stitching
    Linda K, Railroad


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