Tuesday, August 6, 2013


Hello my darling friends!!!!! Anyone still there?? I can’t believe I haven’t post anything during July, and now we are already entering August!!!!! Besides being busy at work, the main reason I haven’t updated is because there’s nothing much to report. I was constantly working on Mary and I’m finally done with all the motifs!!!!! YA!!!!!! Now all is left are the initials~~ I can finally see the end!!!


To reward our hard work, hubby and I went for a short vacation in the mountains. Central Taiwan is known for its beautiful mountains, and we enjoyed waking up in the forest and the fresh air.


In the mountains laid the gorgeous Sun Moon Lake. This is a very famous tourist destination. The last time I was here was more then 20 years ago!!!! Although the Lake is as beautiful as before, the surrounding areas are now filled with hotels and small tourist towns. I can’t say this is a good thing or a bad thing, at least right now it all seems well organized.


In one of the aboriginal towns that we stayed in, owl is their guardian, so you can find many owl themed ornaments in this town. But what caught my eye is this quilted owl bag, isn’t this the cutest thing?!


So how is your summer going? Went on any trips recently? It is soooo hot here lately. Stay cool!!!!!!


  1. Almost done now! Good for you.
    What a lovely trip. No, no trips this year. Maybe next year.

  2. Great pics Theresa :)

    Congrats on your Mary progress, she looks great!!

  3. Beautiful work on MW and so nice to be at the end of a long project.

    Lovely photos --- cutest owl ever!

  4. Adorable sampler, good luck with finishing!


  5. Hi Theresa. It's lovely to see your post!

    Mary is coming along nicely - you must be so relieved that you are almost done! It will be a lovely piece hanging on your wall.

  6. It was so nice to see the photos from your trip, Theresa--that looks like a lovely part of Taiwan...

    Beautiful sampler--you're so close to a happy dance :)

  7. Oh Theresa, Mary is nearly done. What a gorgeous sampler this is.
    You took a great trip to the mountains. I live in a mountain range but it's not very high up here. But I love it and I wouldn't like to live anywhere else. At least I have to see mountains from where I live, lol.

  8. Well done on nearly finishing Mary W - she looks great. She's also my current focus, but I'm trailing way behind :-)

  9. Well done on nearly finishing Mary W - she looks great. She's also my current focus, but I'm trailing way behind :-)


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