Thursday, May 16, 2013

Tumbler Quilt Fin.!!!!

Happy dance!!!! Happy dance!!!!! After two years and eight months, I finally finished my tumbler quilt~~~~ I’m sooooo happy that it is done!!!!!!! I was going to take some photos with it outside but It’s raining and I couldn’t wait to share this with all of you so these photos will have to do….

IMG_1379 copy

Pattern: Something I made up myself
Fabric: Urban Chiks 1974
Size: 78” x 61”
Beginning Date: 09-19-2010
Completion Date: 05-15-2013

I used the 1974 Urban Chiks fabric for this quilt. I still remember how I fell in love with this line of fabric when I first laid my eyes on them, and I still love it!!! I also used the fabric from the same line for the backing, and I have to say it is equally as beautiful as the front~

IMG_1371 copy

I hand quilted the whole thing, which is why it took me so long. But I think the end result is totally worth the effort!!!!!


I remembered to add a quilt tag this time. The date on it was the day I finished all the hand quilting. I did not expect the binding would go missing for so long…. At least it tuned out at the end~

IMG_1368 copy

And who would have know this quilt will go so perfectly with my new guess bed!!!! I just put this bed together a few weeks ago. Don’t you think they are a perfect match?!



  1. Such a beautiful quilt! Congratulations on your finish, it wsa totally worth all the efforts!


  2. That is just fabulous Theresa! Congratulations! And all hand quilted too. Wow!

  3. Gorgeous quilt! I can't imagine doing all that hand-quilting! I love it right down to that cute little label!

  4. Well done Theresa!! I can imagine a whole lot of patience is required for all of that hand quilting, but it's worth it! :D

  5. Oh, what a labor of love--you should be so proud of this lovely quilt, Theresa!!

  6. Theresa this is wonderful, hand quilted too!

  7. So beautiful, really love your quilt! It looks great on the guest bed!


  8. A wonderful quilt, Theresa, Congratulations on finishing it. This fabric line is just perfect for the pattern.


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