Sunday, March 3, 2013

So Close… Yet So Far!!

Has this ever happen to you? You put something important in a special place, but could not remember what that special place is…. Well, that is exactly what happened to me here!!!!! I was so happy that I finished all the hand quilting, and have everything ready for the binding, even made a quilt tag that was going to go with it.   

Picture 098 copy

But where did I put that roll of binding?! I had it cut and rolled before our move back to Taiwan because it’s easier to store. I even remember unpacking it and put it at a special place for ease access, but now I can’t remember just where that special place is…. I went through all the shelves and drawers that I put my craft things and couldn’t find it. So much for being organized!!! After two days of digging through all my stuff, I am giving up. I’ll just have to put it aside for now and hope that the binding will turn up when I least expected. So here is my quilt minus the binding….

Picture 091 copy

Moving on to my next project – the Mary Wigham Sampler!!!! Another UFO for such a long time!!! I decided to pick it up again, because I want to finish all my UFOs before starting on a new project again. Besides, I’m quite enjoying Mary’s company~ The last time I’ve worked on this was on September 30,2011!! It has waited long enough, won’t you say?!

Picture 100 copy


  1. So frustrating to not find that binding yet. Well, I always go back, back, back in my mind over it. And pray. It will show up. What a great quilt. I like the colors you chose on Mary.

  2. Hope you find the binding soon! You're definitely not the only one who has done that.....the lost always turns up, it just takes time. Your quilt is beautiful.

  3. Safe places - they're funny places in that they often stay so very very safe. I have a pair of Dovo scissors in my safe place!

    Congratulations on your beautiful almost finished quilt. Mary is looking good too!

  4. A truly lovely quilt, and beautiful stitching on MW - great going.

  5. Beautiful quilt, hope your binding turns up soon!

    Would love to follow your progress on Mary!


  6. Really, really pretty quilt, Teresa! I can imagine how frustrated you are with the missing binding. I'm sure it will turn up very soon :)

  7. Yes, I do that all the time! It will turn up soon, and you'll wonder how you ever forgot that special spot in the first place! LOL

    Your quilt is gorgeous!!

  8. pretty quilt, enjoy finish it:)

  9. Oh, your quilt is so very lovely! I admire you for all that wonderful hand stitching and finishing it (you'll find the binding I'm sure!!). Such a pretty pattern and I do admire your color choices. Beautiful! Yes, I can identify- my Mary Wigham Sampler has been sitting in my UFO bag since 2011 as well! Perhaps I should get mine out, too!

  10. Theresa, I wish you to find your binding soon! The same happens to me quite often too! I hide something important and forget the place :-)) Your Mary Wigham Sampler is magnificent!

  11. Your quilt is so wonderful. And fantastic stitching.

    Greetings from Germany, Grit

  12. The quilt is lovely though, and the Quaker piece is coming along nicely as well!

  13. I hope your binding shows up soon. Your quilt is gorgeous! Mary Wigham is such a pretty Quaker sampler and I'm glad you got her out to work on her!

  14. A gorgeous quilt, love the colours too!


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