Wednesday, October 3, 2012

This and That

Wow!! Really?! It's October already?! Where did the time go?! Work has been crazy, I mean really, it's CRAZY!!! The work environment here is totally different from that in the US. Although it's not mandatory, people here still stay late everyday and even come in during the weekend. I was totally shocked by how long the work hours are. I was so exhausted everyday after work that I could not function at all when I get home, not to mention I still have 30 boxes of stuff that needed me to sort through. Don't get me wrong, I love the job, just not the long work hours. So after two weeks of hard work, I decided to cut back the hours and work part time. I just can not handle the long hours right now.... One good thing about working is I got to walk 20 mins everyday to work, and I enjoy this walk very much. This is a tree on the way that is blooming like crazy~ Like me, it is trying so hard to hold onto the very last bit of summery days!!!

Life here is not all dull, though. A friend of ours told us about a very special place. It is a cafe for rabbit lovers! The owner is a rabbit lover and she wanted a place for rabbit owners to interact with each other, so she opened this cafe, and people would bring their rabbit here to social. Although I do not own a rabbit, it was so much fun to see all these furry little things running and hopping around while we enjoy our drinks. That was an unforgettable experience!! I would definitely come back again!!!
Although I was too exhausted to stitch during the time when I worked full time, I have been trying to catch up on my Mystery Sampler these past few days. One stitch at a time goes a long way, and I'm loving the process!! Hopefully I will be able to finish the main part and start working on the border by the end of this week~


  1. Beautiful stitching Teresa. I hope and pray you find peace and relaxation also.♥

  2. The Mystery Sampler is gorgeous. A rabbit-lover cafe, what fun!

  3. Love the sampler ;)
    The blooming tree is such a pretty pink - thank you for sharing the photo ;)

  4. Love your sampler! I've never heard of a cafe for rabit lovers, but it's a cute idea!

  5. I've never heard of going to a place where rabbit owners can take their bunnies to socialize. What a great idea!

    i'm glad you found some balance in your work! Of course, your Mystery Sample looks wonderful too!

  6. What a fun cafe! You Mystery Sampler is looking great! Have a great day!

  7. I hope that cutting back your working hours will help you to relax a bit more and to regain your energy.
    Your project is coming along great.

  8. I hear you about being exhausted from long work hours...I'm in the same position as you at themoment. It is important to take some time out and relax though. Love the bunny cafe!! So cute! Your birds of the feather is coming along nicely too :D

  9. I hope work calms down for you, Theresa! I'm happy that you're finding at least a bit of time to stitch. And what fun that bunny cafe must have been--I would go, too, even though I don't own a bunny :)


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