Sunday, April 22, 2012

A Finish!!

I’ve heard from Vickie that my package have arrived safe and sound, so it is ok for me to show you my finish on Souvenir de France. After debating for a little bit on how should I finish this piece, I decided to make it into a flatfold~ Using Vonna’s flatfold tutorial as my guide, I finished it with a breeze, and I LOVE how it turned out!!! In fact, I love it so much that I might make another one just for myself~


Pattern: Blackbird Designs freebie “Souvenir de France” 
Thread: Gentle Art Cotton Floss – Garden Gate
Fabric: 32 ct Belfest Linen color Flex 
Finished Size: 4.375”x 6.625”  
Finishing Date: 04-18-2012

I chose a pink backing fabric for this piece, cause I thought Vickie would like it. Plus I think it would be a perfect match~ I also used a black sheer ribbon as the trim and top.


Absolutely love it!!!


Here is the whole package I sent to Vickie~ I’m so glad that she liked it!! Can you see there’s a theme going on here? ^^


Have a great week!!!


  1. What a wonderful gift to Vickie, lovely stitching.

  2. It's gorgeous Teresa! The themed goodies are wonderful too!

  3. Oh Theresa! I told you this in my email, but it bears repeating. I opened your package and was filled with emotion. I was so happy that you made this beautiful flatfold FOR ME! My thirteen year old daughter asked why you would make something so pretty and then give it away. And so I explained the wonderfulness of you and all our stitching pals here in this community. I am so thankful and privelaged to call you and everyone here friends. ♥

  4. What a great gift package for Vickie! I'll have to remember that color of thread for the Eiffel Tower as I plan on stitching one for my sister who just visited Paris, too...

  5. Such a pleasure to finish a project. And this one is so beautiful.

  6. It's so lovely Theresa! You did an amazing job on the flatfold!! I love the gray colour you chose to stitch this design with! Very pretty!!

  7. You did a beautiful job! The other things you included are lovely too! :)

  8. What a fantastic giveaway you put together beautiful job on the flat fold!!!

  9. Beautiful stitched and finished gift, and all the set is lovely with Paris spirit :)


  10. Great finish and gift!!!!!! You totally rocked it. :)

  11. Your piece is very pretty! I love the pink fabric that you used for the back!

  12. A beautiful gift:) Apologies for the late comment but I have been unable to access your blog,no idea why..glad I can get on it again though:)

  13. Theresa, yes, there's definitely a theme for all the goodies. And wow, that flatfold looks so beautiful. Great gift!


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