Thursday, March 8, 2012


First of all, I would like to thank Jennifer for spending time giving me a list of LNS in Paris~ I’ve already added them into my schedule, hopefully I will be able to visit them all!!! I’ll definitely keep you all posted~ One more week till our trip, I’m so excited!!!!

Next up, an update on my WIP~ I love the red!!!! But working over one on a 36ct fabric was no fun!!!! Thankfully there’s not a whole lot of it!!!


Siobhan asked for an updated photo of my tumbler quilt, well, here it is!!! not much different from previous photos, but I swear, there has been a lot of work done to it!!! I’m down to the purple border. I didn’t plan on using such a complicated pattern on the border as well, wanted to save some time and do a simple one so I can finish it up. But after looking at it, it just didn’t feel right. Since I’ve already spent so much time on it, what’s another month, right?! I’ve also posted a photo of the back where the quilting pattern shows a better.


I got a chance to snitch this photo when the doves were switching hands. There were two eggs this time~~ They usually sit pretty tight in the nest so it was difficult to see the eggs. They really like the flower pot over my poop proofed pot by the side. I wonder why that is? Maybe the leaves gave them more privacy? I hope my poor plant will survive….


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  1. Wonderful stitching! I just love the quilt--the quilting looks fantastic! Great pics of the doves. I think we have some sort of bird (too high to see what type it is) nesting in an air vent coming out of the side of the house. The air vent is the Irish answer to air conditioning. It's neat--but the squaks sound as if the bird is in the room with us. We determined it wasn't only after me and two and the kids (and a scaredy cat dog!) went bolting out of the room after hearing a squak. LOL

    If you don't post before your trip, have an amazing time!

  2. Hello

    Your stitching is beautiful and your quilt is looking lovely too.

    Those doves are so sweet! It's great to see the two eggs.

    Have a lovely time in Paris

  3. I'm so excited for your trip! You are going to have a great time. I would like to go to Paris just to pick up som Tra-la-la charts! LOL Oh the dove is beautiful! Such a perfect nest :)

  4. I like your style it is very class !

  5. Have a wonderful trip. The quilt is beautiful and the stitching is wonderful.

  6. Hope you have a wonderful holiday.
    Love all your photos. Your stitching and quilting is gorgeous and the doves certainly are at home in your flowers:)

  7. Love the quilt! It's looking wonderful! and your red and white piece is lovely! The over 1 on 36 is a toughie but it looks gorg!

    I think it's sweet the doves think your balcony is a safe place to have their family. Have a wonderful time in Paris! So exciting!

  8. Love your quilt, your quilting looks great!

    Have a wonderful time in Paris! Wish I can go, would love some French cross stitch magazines ha ha!


  9. That red is gorgoues! Aw, love the swans and that little 1 over 1 heart!! What a pretty quilt! Those pigeons are cute! Look at those darling little eggs! Have fun in Paris!

  10. Your quilt is looking spectacular, Theresa! And over on on 36 ct.--I am truly impressed!! It looks so detailed and tiny--love it!!

    Oh, your doves are so dear--there is just something so special about bird's nests and eggs...

  11. Wonderful stitching! I love this red, it's gorgeous! And the quilt.. it's so impressive

  12. Ahh, the birds!
    I think your plant will be fine, they seems to go together pretty well naturally, of course the birds would not love your plastic bag wrapped pot! haha...
    I have had birds broke into my house, made nests under the , your case is more bearable ^^!

  13. the stitches look beautiful!, the dove are cute.

  14. Thanks for listing the shops you visited.
    Great stitching & the dove photos are awesome !!!


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