Monday, December 19, 2011

Potpourri Jar

I’ve been thinking of some simple Christmas gift ideas, then I remembered I had a lighted potpourri jar that was pretty cool, and seemed easy enough for me to figure out how to make one. Here’s my version of tutorial if anyone is interested.



  • Glass Jar – I used empty pasta sauce jars, but you can also find similar jars at Michaels.
  • Christmas lights – I found this 20 lights Christmas light at Big Lots for only $1.70 a piece. I also saw them sold at CVS.
  • Fabric – Choose a lower count fabric so the fragrance can come through. A crochet piece would be a best choice, but since I do not know how to crochet, I chose a 28 count fabric for the top.
  • Potpourri of your choice
  • Jute twine or ribbon
  • Decoration of choice

Step 1:
Cut your fabric to size desired. My jar has a 3” diameter opening, so I used a 6” square fabric. If desired, stitch a small design at the center. Trim the fabric edge with a pinking rotary blade.

Step 2:
Stuff the jar with Christmas light and potpourri as tight as possible. Try to layer the lights and potpourri so the lights are not all bunched up in one place.

Step 3:
Cover the jar with fabric. Center your stitched motif. Wrap twine around the fabric tightly. Add decoration if desired.


That’s it!! Isn’t it simple? I made all of these in a couple of hours~~ When the light is plugged in, not only will it make a beautiful display, the heat from the lights will actually help spread the fragrance from the potpourri~ Quite practical, don’t you think?



  1. very cute & what a great idea....
    I bet I have all of that stuff on hand...well, except the potpourri...

  2. I love the Santa and reindeer. :)
    What a lovely gift idea!

  3. Большое спасибо за идею! Прекрасно получилось, очень красиво и полезно!

  4. Very nice! What a NEAT idea!!!

    Merry Christmas chicky!! :)


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