Wednesday, November 16, 2011


I’ve been working on a mix of different projects lately. Do you remember this quilt from last winter (“the never ending quilt” as my husband call it…)? Well, due to the drop of temperature, it has made its appearance again. I love sitting on the couch with this quilt covering my legs while I work on it, not yet finished but it has already be keeping me warm~ I actually don’t mind the never ending quilting, to me, it kind of relaxing. But still, lets hope it will come to an end before this winter ends.


Well, this is not Déjà vu!! I made another Giraffe Growth Chart over the weekend. This one will be a Christmas gift. The only thing that’s different from the previous one was the ribbon on the border. I kind of like this orange!!


Pattern: From book “B is for Baby” by Suzonne Stirling
p.60 “Giraffe Growth Chart”
Size: 20” x 59”
Completion Date: 11-13-2011

I’ve also been working on the three little snowmen~ Just I thought I’m close to finishing it, obstacles hit again!!!! I’m having a hard time stitching the pine needles. Can’t even remember how many times I took it apart. I spent two days just on this little part!!! Still not 100% satisfied with it, but I think I’ll move on for now.


I can’t believe Thanksgiving is next week. Are you all prepared yet? I’m not!!


  1. The quilt is lovely! The fabrics are beautiful.

  2. Одеяло очень хорошее, желаю поскорее его закончить. такое теплое одеяло конечно будет прекрасно согревать ноги холодной зимой.
    Жираф очень милый и красивый, прелесть!
    Снеговики тоже очень понравились, желаю удачного завершения работы!

  3. The quilt is looking great with all those different colors.

    Perfect growth chart with your favorite animal!

    The pine stitches look fine to me. They really work on that design.

  4. Oh, are those snowmen going to be cute, Theresa--and the pin needles look great to me!

    I'm sure the recipient of this growth chart will love it as much as the lucky recipient of your first one...

    Your quilt is coming along beautifully--hope your weather stays cooler for a while so we'll see a finish soon!

  5. That's the beauty of quilting or of crocheting/knitting blankets ~ they're nice for keeping warm while you work on them. :) I love the giraffe growth chart and your snowmen are cute! I think your pine needles look great. :)

  6. lovely grow chart, quilting, and snowmen. all!.

  7. Love your quilt! The pine stitches look fine to me! These snowmen are cute, where are they going in the boat?


  8. What a fun hodgepodge of projects! Everything looks beautiful. Your quilting stitches look great!


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