Sunday, October 23, 2011

G is for Growth Chart!!

My friend’s kid Alec turned one this week. As I was looking for ideas for a gift, I came across the book “B is for Baby” by Suzonne Stirling in the library. When I saw this giraffe growth chart, you know I couldn’t resist making it!!!! Not only because it is totally adorable, but also because my friend is a giraffe lover herself!!!!

IMG_7100 copy

Pattern: From book “B is for Baby” by Suzonne Stirling
p.60 “Giraffe Growth Chart”
Size: 20” x 59”
Completion Date: 10-20-2011

I was very lucky to have found the perfect fabrics for this project, and even have enough leftovers to make a second one – but that will be a future project. What I love about this growth chart is you can mark the heights directly on the canvas instead of the wall, that way if you have to move or remodel in the future, you will still be able to keep the records for yourself.

IMG_7108 copy

This is a quick and simple project that involve little sewing. almost everything is done by simply using iron-on adhesive and glue. It can easily be done in an afternoon or two. I actually make a few changes, including using a wiggle eye instead of fabric ones, and adding wooden dowels with end caps to finish the look.

IMG_7113 copyIMG_7103 copy

As for the numbers, I could not find the rub-on transfers that the book called for anywhere!!!! So I thought maybe I can use stamps. But do you know how difficult it is to find numeric stamps?! I must have went to three or four craft stores but all they had were either alphabets or I had to buy a whole set for the numbers!!! Then it dawned to me – why don’t I use stencils?! I still had to buy a set for the numbers but there were actually several different fonts in the correct size for me to choose from, plus stencils were a lot cheaper then stamps!!! I am actually very happy of the result.

IMG_7076 copy

So happy birthday, baby Alec!!! May you grow as tall and elegant like a giraffe!!



  1. О! Браво!!! Прекрасная работа!!!!!

  2. wow...that's lovely and great finishing too

  3. Oh! I really love it! Wonderful work!

  4. Cute idea for a gift! Your workmanship is fantastic and I can't imagine anything better than the stencils for the numbers. And who would have thought you would have found giraffe fabric when you needed it?!

  5. 哇 ~~ 好巧的布, 簡直就是為了長頸鹿而生產的布嘛.
    Happy birthday to Alic !

  6. super cute giraffe! is a really a good idea to a growth chart.

  7. How cute is that!! What a darling gift, Theresa--I know Alex (and his mom!) will just love it :)

  8. Theresa, that is soooo cute! How appropriate for you to make that for him, too--adorable!

  9. how adorable!!!! I too, love giraffes..had fun seeing them at the zoo this summer & also at an Amish farm in Ohio....congrats on the great finish!

  10. What an adorable growth chart you've made! The giraffe is so darling and cute! Glad you found the perfect fabric for it and great choice on choosing pale green as background color. It's turned out so nicely. I'm sure your friend will love it.


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