Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Revisiting Mary~

I haven’t visited Mary for sooooo long. It has been two years ago since I started this. Maybe it’s the over one stitching that intimidates me a little, every time I saw her laying in the WIP basket, I just keep skipping right by her. Then recently I saw a beautiful master piece that took my friend two years to finish. I was really motivated by it, and that’s when I picked up Mary again. Over one is still a bit intimidating, but I managed to finish two and a half motifs this past week, and starting to fall in love with this piece all over again~


This bird motif gave me quite a challenge, though. I must have miscounted somewhere cause when I was working on the bird on the right, something was just not right. I did not want to rip it all out so I just made it work. Hence, if you look closely, one bird is wider then the other, and the center doesn’t line up. But this did not bother me too much, since I learned from Mary, sometimes mistakes do happen, and it could be a beautiful thing.


So this is where I am at right now, a little more then 1/3 done. I hope I could ride on this motivation, and maybe, just maybe, I would be able to finish this one soon.


Thanks for visiting~~


Edit 08-25-2011:

I just noticed that today is my 3 year blogoversary!!!!! Thank you Teena for reminding me~~ I might prepare something to celebrate this occasion!! Stay tuned~~


  1. That is a stunning piece. I love the little yellow birds and dont worry I always 'make things work' in my prrojects too. I think it gives them character :)

  2. Mary is looking great! I'm glad you dug her out. I need to do the same too!

  3. Mary is a beautiful piece. I think it shows how skill full we are when we adapt our little (or not so little sometimes in my case ) mistakes :)and it makes the piece totally individual,took me ages to look at my errors like that.

  4. Such a beautiful piece, look forward to more up-dates.

  5. Glad to see your Mary :)
    I guess my Mary needs my love too ^+++^

  6. Mary is looking fantastic. Love your color choices. And for the fact that you're stitching her over one, you're going fast too.

  7. I'm glad you've picked this back up and are falling in love all over again. It's beautiful! I can see how all that over one would be intimidating.

  8. Your Mary is looking good. I need to get back to mine soon...she, too, has been very neglected.

    The birds look great. In the overall scheme of life a misplaced stitch here or there is insignificant.

    Keep on, and you'll be at two thirds before you know it!


  9. I love over one stitching and the detail it provides but it can be a bit difficult at times especially without proper lighting. I love the progress you have made and the end result will be stunning. Happy Stitching!

  10. Wonderful progress, Theresa! I'm glad you made the birds "work." No one would ever spot the "wider" bird if you hadn't pointed it out. Frogging over one stitching is the worst so I'm happy that you didn't have to rip it out :)

    Happy 3rd blogoversary!! I'm very happy to have discovered your blog :)

  11. The whole process looks wonderful - colours are great!
    Good luck!


  12. It's a beautiful piece. :)
    Frogging over one is the PITS so I don't blame you for making it work. No one but you will ever know once it's up on the wall.

  13. Mary is coming along great! I'm not a huge over one fan either ... keep up the great work!

  14. Fantastic work! I love the over 1 pieces :)

  15. That gorgeous embroidery, I love this design.


  16. Theresa, your Mary is SOOOOO pretty! I love it. I frequently, uh, 'adjust' designs when my needle gets ahead of its self and doesn't follow the chart. (Note I said needle & not me. LOL) I figure it's my Amish mistake since only God is perfect. I like to work that into just about everything I stitch, sometimes several times. LOL


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