Monday, July 11, 2011

Wash Day!!!!

I finally finished Wash Day~~ This is such a joy to stitch!!!! Love the colors on this one, so bright and cheerful!! I also love all the birds, each different from the other. How brilliant!!!


Pattern: Carriage House Samplings "Wash Day"
Thread: DMC cotton floss
Fabric: 32ct White Linen 
Stitch Size: 4.625” x 5.875” 
Completion Date: 07-10-2011

I’m having a couple special guests at my place right now, please meet Elijah the cat and Peep the dog~ They belong to my friend, and I agreed to pet sitting for her while she is on vacation.

Peep is a sensitive little thing. She waited by the front door for a whole day and whole night before accepting the fact that her owner is not coming back to pick her up. After that, she follows me every where, even waits by the bathroom door when I’m using the loo… She is such a sweetheart~~


Elijah likes all the attention. He would sit right in front of my computer while I was working just so he could get some love. He also likes to nap on my working table, so that I won’t forget him. I was never a cat person, but I think Elijah just turned me into one~

IMG_4666IMG_4563 copy

They are both such a joy to have around~~ I sure will miss them when they go home.

Thank you all for visiting~ What’s happening on your corner?


  1. Nice finish! And I like the dog :) We also have one, small and rather funny

  2. Lovely work,beautiful colours, and cute pets.

  3. Nice finish & the pup is adorable

  4. What a lovely finish. Love that design. Dog and cat are both gorgeous too.

  5. 好漂亮喔 ~~~
    明亮而快樂的構圖和配色. 讓人有非常愉快的感覺.

  6. Beautiful finish! And I'm glad the pet sitting is going well. I was not a cat person either, until this little stray wormed her way into my heart about 8 years ago. Cats are sneaky that way, lol!

  7. Wash Day is so cute! I've not seen it before.

    Maybe you need both a dog and a cat?!

  8. I loved stitching Wash Day too! It's one of those ones that you didn't want to end.
    Your guests are lovely :)

  9. That is adorable, Theresa--I love anything with crows in it and the babies taking their baths are so sweet :)

    Enjoy your "foster" pets--they look like they would be a lot of fun to have around the house for a while...

  10. Great finish! It's nice of you to petsit for your friend. The pup and kitty are both so cute!

  11. What darling pets. I'm sure you are enjoying their visit.

    We have 4 cats that live with us. Sometimes it seems a little overwhelming, but we love them all. My hubby really wants a dog again. Not sure if I'm ready to add another animal to our household...

    Also, love your washday finish! What a cute pattern.

  12. Wonderful finish - colours and motive are great!
    And pets are so cute :)

    Best wishes,

  13. Love the new finish!! :)

    Those are two cutie-patootie house guests!

  14. lovely finish!. the pet look cute, i like the litle dog, and the cat look cute sleepy.

  15. Hola Theresa!
    Esta precioso, como siempre muy linda tus labores.


  16. Sweet pattern. The colors are so nice.


  17. Lovely stitching! I love that piece.

    The cat and pup are adorable!

  18. fantastic your work...
    Lovely stitching!


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