Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A Little Bag for a Little Boy

My friend’s son just turned three. He is such a darling, I wanted to make something special for him. Since he has just started school, I thought a bag would be perfect!! But I’m not the brightest sewer, you see, so finding something that’s nice and not too complicated was a bit of a challenge. I searched and searched, and finally came across  Rachel Measham-Pywell’s Click to Carry Bag, which I thought would be perfect for him~~ So after a few times of trial and error, I finally put together this final product!!

IMG_2417 copy

Pattern: Rachel Measham-Pywell “Click to Carry Bag
Size: 11” x 12”
Beginning Date: 04-07-2011
Completion Date: 04-18-2011

IMG_2431 copy

I redid the curve binding but it is still not perfect. At least it is not too awful… Curves are sooooo tricky!!!!


What I loved about this bag is it not only has an adjustable strap so it can be used as a messenger style bag, it also has a satchel clip that could separate the  strap.  This way it can be attached to the back of a head rest in the car or shopping carts to keep it in children’s reach. What a thoughtful design!!

IMG_2425 copyIMG_2426 copy

Making bags are so much fun~~ I certainly learned a lot from this process.


This bag is not flawless, but I love it~~ And I hope my friend would love it, too~~


  1. Cute bag Theresa. I am sure your friend's son will love it! You did a terrific job!

  2. Beautiful bag, Theresa! I'm sure your friend's son will love it. Love the lion motif. It's cute!

  3. Theresa, I didn't know you sew so well. I love the bag. So much details! That is more work than I would like to try. I also enjoy sewing and have made a few bags but mostly clothes for my daugther. I look forward to seeing your new work. -SM-

  4. Soooooo cute and I love the details! It's a great bag. :)

  5. An excellent first try! You should be proud!

  6. How cute!! You did a great job on your friend's son's bag, Teresa! (Surprised it wasn't a giraffe :)

  7. Whoops--I missed the "h" in your name--sorry!!

  8. wow, you did a great work ! is a cute school bag.

  9. Wow, this bag looks terrific. And perfect!

  10. Oh, how sweet! Great job. Love the fabrics!

  11. I love this bag, it is so sweet. The lion is great and so are the colors.

  12. 好漂亮的配色, 這種大小的包包最實用了.

  13. That bag is way too cute! You did a great job.


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