Wednesday, November 24, 2010


It doesn’t rain very often in San Diego, but it was just our luck that it rained all day on our moving day, and just as we moved the last box into our new place, the rain stopped. We’re still in the process of clearing out our old place and there’re still no internet and cable in our new place, so we’re still running back and forth between the two places. Thank God they are only just a few blocks apart!!!

And since I have no internet or TV to distract me, and all my stitching stuff are still buried in boxes, I have been reading. I’ve just finished Kate Morton’s “The House at Riverton” and I LOVE it!!!! It was soooo good that I couldn’t put it down!!!!! Now I’m working on her other book “The Forgotten Garden”, and I’m loving this one, too!!!! It is keeping me good company~~


Thanksgiving has arrived here in the US, and we will be out traveling. I don’t know what we were thinking, going away right after our move!!!! I’m sure I’ll be sore all over when I come back from our trip!!!! For those who celebrate Thanksgiving, wishing you all a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday!!!!


  1. Have a great holiday! You'll get everything sorted out when you come back.

  2. Is the turkey in the picture a lamp? You will have plenty of time to settle in when you get back. Have a blessed thanksgiving.

  3. OMG....that is the best Thanksgiving pic...made me laugh out loud.

    hope you have safe travels.


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