Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I’m Wilting!!!

I totally blame my low productivity on the weather!! It has been cloudy and rainy and cold here the past week, and I really miss the sun!!! Just like my plants, I feel like I’m wilting!!!! I can see the sun trying really hard to break through. Let’s just hope that the sunny days will be back soon, or I’ll never get anything done!!!!


The only thing I’ve worked on this past week was basting my tumbler quilt. I also decided on my quilting pattern, but after I traced it on to a template, I feel like the pattern is too small and it will take me forever to quilt it!!! So I’ll have to enlarge it, trace it again, cut it out, and transfer it on the the quilt top. Whew!! That sounds like a lot of steps before I can actually do the quilting!!! Is there an easier way to do this??


I’ll try to move faster so I won’t bore you all to death with this never ending progress!!! Thanks for visiting!!


  1. Not boring me one bit!! That looks like a fun pattern! :)

    Hope the sun shines for you tomorrow!

  2. I totally echo Cloe, to the letter! :)
    Looking forward to get update on this project and sending you sunny vibes!

  3. I love those funky hearts. That looks like it will work well. You work so fast that you'll be ready to quilt in no time!

  4. I love the quilting pattern! How are you going to transfer it to your quilt top?

    I don't like cloudy days either but also don't like the heat. My type of weather is those crisp sunny days that we so rarely get.

  5. Actually, I love to see the progress!! Keep up your good work:)

  6. I like the quilting pattern you've chosen! Sending you some sunny weather vibes. :)

  7. I hope your sun returns, soon, Theresa--you aren't used to non-sunny days out in your part of California, are you?

    Your quilting pattern is wonderful--I'm sure it will be a lot of work, but it will look amazing when finished :)

  8. I always love to see how a project develops. This quilt is such a beauty and I can't wait to see it finished.

  9. i like the quilting pater that you choice, look like a lot of work.


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