Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Simple Joys Fin.~

I finally finished Simple Joys before the summer ends. It took me long enough!!! This piece traveled with me to Taiwan and St. Louis and back, and kept me company during the long waits in the airport. Oh wait, now that I look at it, I think I forgot to put in the window frames!!! Oops~ Will add that in tomorrow~~

IMG_8478 copy

Pattern: Little House Needleworks "Simple Joys"
Thread: Crescent Colours & WDW
Fabric: 28ct antique white evenweave fabric
Stitch Size: 7.5" x 7.75"
Completion Date: 09-05-2010

I did ended up using all the Bean Sprout and had not left a single inch to spare!!! Actually I have like 6 more crosses to stitch on the border when I use up all my threads. Good thing that I kept all my orts so I went digging through my jar of orts and luckily found a thread of Bean Sprout just long enough to finish it up!!!! It was a darker shade but I don’t mind it at all~~ That was a very close call!!!

IMG_8480 copy

My favorite color on this piece is the beautiful shades of Plum Paisley~~ The variation on it is simply beautiful!!!

IMG_8477 copyIMG_8482 copy

Needles, threads, music, books, a good cup of tea and maybe some chocolate cake. These are some simple joys of my life. What are yours'?


  1. Gorgeous! I'll keep your experience with the Bean Sprout in mind when I stitch mine. That was really close!

    Simple Joys? A lazy morning at home. The laughter of my children (they're grown and it's still the best sound in the world). The breeze coming through the windows.

  2. Love the finish! I didn't bother putting in the window frames. Looks great without them.

  3. Beautiful finish...I just love this design. Have to laugh about the "orts"...I've started keeping mine and can't believe how much I did through it for a small thread.

  4. I've seen many of these Simple Joys on blogs and I just don't get tired of looking at them. It is just beautiful. Great job.

  5. Simple Joys is beautiful, Theresa! I love the purple shades of Plum Paisley too. The darker green on the top right looks fine. My simple joys of life is similar to yours.. but instead of a cup of tea, I enjoyed black coffee and laughter of my two lovely daughters playing at home. :)

  6. I love houses and your work is absolutely perfect... without the window frames too! :-)

  7. It's a beautiful piece. Those orts can really come in handy.

    An ice cream cone on a weekend afternoon for me!

  8. What a beautiful piece! I really like this sweet design and I agree with you on the purpley colour.

    My simple joys? Sounds a lot like yours, and maybe add in *stashing*!

  9. Theresa, this is a lovely finish. Congratulations!

  10. A gorgeous finish!
    I go with you concerning the simple joys - threads, charts, books, and the occasional talk with my children on the phone, all this makes me completely happy.

  11. Well done on your creativity with Bean Sprout. What an anxious moment wondering if you would have enough. Simple Joys looks great as it is. Wouldn't have known you missed the window frames if you hadn't mentioned. With or without, it looks lovely.

    My simple joy is being able to sleep in on a lazy weekend morning.

  12. That beautiful finish, congratulations. Much I loved the design.


  13. Theresa, that's a beautiful piece!

  14. That is such a great finish! Congratulations!

  15. Just love it. Congratulations!!!!
    Patti xxx

  16. Fantastic finish!

    Simple joys to me are sitting and stitching when everybody is home & happy, with my pup at my side and a new episode of Judge Judy on TV. Oh, and dinner is take away so I don't have to worry about getting up!


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