Sunday, June 6, 2010

Nature’s Wonder

DH and I went to visit Grand Canyon National Park during the Memorial Day weekend. It was amazing!!! I can’t find words to describe my feelings when I first saw it, “Wow!!” probably sums it all up.


It’s so hard to imagine this was all made by a river. Visiting this place really humbles me. This is a place one must experience it themselves. These photos really don’t do it justice.


There are so many ways to see these canyons. One can never get bored here. Even the same spot can be so different when the sun hits it during the day and during sun set.


Nature never stops to amaze me!!!


  1. Absolutely breathtaking photos, Theresa--I almost feel like I'm there myself :)

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  3. Oh my! I remember when I saw the Grand Canyon for the first time. My legs nearly buckled it was so beautiful! It literally is "breath-taking"

  4. Wow!! Amazing pictures! I wish I could have chance to visit. :)

  5. Wow (you're right !)! This is absolutely stunning. Thank you for these pictures as I don't know if I'll get the chance to see it by myself one day.

  6. 大 峽 谷
    好壯觀喔.. 好羨慕妳要去這美麗的地方.

  7. Great photos, this is unbelievable how many wonderful place are there!

  8. We visited the Grand Canyon last year. I was surprised to see that the view was totally different at each stop. On the way back to Sedona, we took the long way and drove through the painted desert. It's beautiful country. My pictures really didn't it justice either. It's something you have to see for yourself.


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